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Liverpool Hospital (Sydney) Lock Rss

Did anyone give birth in Liverpool Hospital in the last 6 months or so? I had my twins at StGeorge Public Hospital but have since moved. I am trying to work out if I should go back to StGeorge for this one or give Liverpool a try
Hi i am just going to say i never had my baby at liverpool i had my daughter at St George hospital as well, but my aunty works in Liverpool hospital and I know that you do have great midwifes I did want to go there but due to where I lived I couldn't good luck with it all.
I hope everything goes real well for you.
I had both my daughters at Liverpool Hospital (Jan 2003 and August last year). I've found them to be great both times and really have nothing bad at all to say. The midwives were all great before, during and after birth. They have a great early release program which meant I was back home again only 17 hours after the birth of my second daughter. They give lots of help and advice but aren't over pushy and if it's not your first they will leave you to your own devices unless you want them which I thought was great because I didn't have someone coming every 30 minutes to check on me.

Can't fault them at all and will be going back there again for my third at the end of the year. Good luck.

We had our twins at Liverpool in September last year. The care that we had was outstanding and they have the advantage of having one of the best Feto Maternal Units and also their NICU is brilliant. We ran into a few complications and wouldn't have been anywhere else.

We wouldn't go anywhere else.

Good luck

Michele, NSW, Taea Grace & Bailey Stephen 25.09.05

hi i had my daughter in liverpool public in feburary and my son in private at liverpool in 05 i found both hospitals great if i go again i will go back to public at liverpool they were great i left 12 hours after giving birth and then i had a midwife every day for 1 week come to my house which is good they were all very helpful to me if you want any more details email me at [email protected]
My son was born @ Liverpool 9 weeks early and they were fantastic with him- no complaints here!

Donna- Mum to Joshua Darren 5/1/05

hi my name is lisa i heard liverpool hosptail is nice there i had my children at fairfeld hosp because i live in the area i would of have them there my self when are you due with this one hope everything goes well with you and your baby lisa
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