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Pregnant again after 9 years!! Lock Rss

Hi everyone,
My name is Michelle, I have a wonderful son who has just turned 9 and am 37 weeks pregnant with my second. Although it is very exciting it is also quite daunting as I know what I have to go through but feel so out of practice and my body's not as flexible as it was then! I am from the Bowral area and find it hard meeting people with new or soon to be new babies as my friends tend to have kids the same age as my son. I would be interested in hearing from anyone. My email address is [email protected]

Michelle, NSW - 9 yr old boy and newborn baby girl

Hi michelle, i am from lismore but i just had my little girl she is know 4 months old my other daughter is 8 so i know what you mean big age gap but belive me it all come back.
I felt the same and it was a bit scary i got really worried just be for i had her but it all worked out fine and i found the birth wasnt as bad as my head was telling me it would be as i was 18 when i had my eldest and i am now 27.
how old are you if you dont mind me asking?
Iam not sure were Bowral is

baby brittney

hi michelle i also have a 9 year gap i had a son 17 months ago and boy it was hard for me . i was very depressed as all my friends children also are older and they are all back at work , so i have no one . i suggest to you to find a play group in your area, when you feel you want to venture out . because it does not matter what age your child is you need that adult conversation. i know i was going into a depression before i found a play group even if it is not long enough, you can invite the other mothers over to your house for a cuppa. hope all goes well for you good luck.

leeanne nsw, ricky 17 months

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