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Help - Northpark Bundoora, Mercy Heidelberg & Northern Epping Lock Rss


Any Melbourne ladies currently pregnant or past pregnancies who have been to Northpark Private Bundoora, Mercy Heidelberg (Public or Private) or the Northern in Epping???

Anyone that went Private at Northpark which OB did you see and roughly how much out of pocket was it??

Also, has anyone see a private OB and delivered as Public at the Mercy?? I know of a few OBS who consult at Northpark and deliver at the Mercy.

Please any help/opinions/experiences would be helpful smile

Thank you xx
I had my son 5yrs ago at their Bundoora hospital by Dr. Youssif. I forgot the costs but it was reasonable - call his Doncaster rooms. I recommend him.
I had my second at the mercy. I went with public and saw the same OB throughout the pregnancy but midwives delivered baby. I cannot fault it. The level of care was amazing. It can be a long wait for appts but they where always on the same day
Sorry didn't realise this was an older post when I saw it in the active section
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