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Hi all I have not been aroung much due to some really mean things that were being said about my partner not to mention the bitchness.

So anyway I back now and I have moved to Melton and would to like to meet other mums out this way. Im 23 and I have a 16 month old daughter named Tahlia. pls reply if you wanna chat

hello i am so sorry about people saying mean things about your husband i hope you meet some people around your area
hi im also from the melton area moved the recently

emili 24/02/2005

hi bec,
my name is kristy, i am 24 with an almost 2 year old little girl paige.. havent been on here for a while, so not sure what people have been saying. so all good with me..
anyway i live in caroline springs, not to far away if you ever wanted to meet up at a playcentre or something.. take care kristy

kristy and paige 07/09/05

Hiya Beck, I know ur working now, but if u eva want to on a weekend we can catch up. .

Hope u, adam and tahlia are good. . I'll prolly talk to u on myspace anyway *lol*

Jess n Jeremy

I live in Melton too!!! Melton West to be more specific!

Im 22 and have a 15 mth old daughter named Olivia, and im pregnant now with #2 (another girl!)

Id love to meet some other mums out this way too!

My msn is [email protected] is you want to add me!

Hope to talk soon, either on here or msn!

Jaz smile
Hey guys. I too live in melton well melton south.
Im 22 and half a two and a half year old son. Love this thread as i sometimes feel so alone in this town. I have lived here my whole life but stick to myself, but i would love to meet some other mums, maybe a playgroup or something. my msn/email is [email protected] What do you all do to entertain your child in melton as i never know what to do
Hi Kathryn,

I know, Melton is pretty boring isnt it!
I dont really do much around here with Olivia, there are a few parks near my house, and the pools is always good i guess, however we havent gone to the pools in a while (Melton Waves) coz school holidays just finished n u KNOW its gonna be packed there!
I have wanted to go the the Mums & Bubs sessions at the movies, although im not too sure whether they have those at the cinemas in Woodgrove... something to check out i guess!
But yeah otherwise Melton is pretty boring ha!

Someone on another thread suggested that all us [email protected] mums put a purple ribbon on our prams so that when we are out and we see another mummy to look out for the purple ribbon on the pram so then we know they're a [email protected] mummy too!

What does everyone think about this idea? It'd be easy to spot each other down the shops and stuff!
I really like the idea of a purple ribbon, your right it would be easy to spot each other out and say hi. its good to know that im not the only one that finds melton extremely boring. Does anyone go to or know of any good playgroups and are any of you single mums and attend the single mums group. Im curious about the single mums group but am hesitant to attend, not sure why. ANd i dont think the melton cinemas do mums and bubs sessions, but hoyts and village usually do but not for all movies and it means driving out of melton.
Ow wel thats a bummer about mums n bubs sessions! stoopid boring melton!

Playgroups, i have no idea! ive never actually looked into any but there are HEAPS of kinders and stuff around here so perhaps try looking there.

I dont knwo of any single mums groups either... im married.

I know what u mean about being hesitant tho... i was gonna go to a young mums group just after i had Olivia but i didnt go cos i felt the same!
u think meltons booorriinngg well i live in bacchus marshh, more boring and i cant drive yet as im only 16. i am thinking of attending the young mums group in melton as i may be moving there nxt year. love to hear from you guys feel free to add me on myspace or msn
[email protected]

hey girls my name's jess and I live in melton too smile and I dont really know anyone here lol. . i was sure that the cinemas in melton do the mums n bubs sessions. . My msn is [email protected] if you wanna add me smile
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