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Dr. Neelam Bhardwaj-Greensborough Lock

Hi girls, I posted this topic in the TTC threads, but did not get a response, so was just wonder...

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OMG-sorry i didnt realise that this thread had already been moved in here, lol please ignore!!


SE Mums Group Lock

Hi guys, Im from Cranbourne and wanted to start a mums group for all the mothers near by who ar...

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Im the same, after 11 would suit me on both days. Also I will be holding a learning ladder party at my place on a thursday if anyon...


Calling SE suburb mummies. Lock

DD and I are not happy with mothers group and are looking to meet other Mums with toddlers in our...

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FOr sure would love to do a play date when ever you are free. I did get your message and messaged back. I dont mind where we go if y...


South Eastern Burbs Meet Lock

Hey there Guys, Well I would love to have a meet. I was wondering if people would be happy comin...

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Hi Girls, Thank you so much to all that replied to my not happy jan message. I hope it didn't seem rude it was not my intention to ...


Altona Meadows Lock

hi, ive recently moved to melbourne and now living in altona meadows. Any mums around here??? my ...

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Hi there im in Williamstown if you are interested?


l am wanting to start a up a mums group for all tho Lock

Hi My name is samantha, I have a 2 1/2 year old boy and a 20 month old girl who have both been in...

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Im in Williamstown but im isolated at home too.


Moving to Melbourne - any advice? Lock

Hi guys! We are on the move to Melbourne within the next 3-4 months and would love some advice on...

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I would personally steer clear of the Northern and Western suburbs (sorry for those who live out that way) as they are notorious for...



I was wondering if anyone can help me to understand all of this parenting payment stuff. We just...

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Thank you all so much for the help.


Lakes entrance Lock

me and dp are going away to lakes entrance for the weekend? has anyone been i was wondering what ...

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i have been to lakes but it was like 15yrs ago, sorry cant help


Can Anyone help me with the question? Lock

Hi, I've got 17 months old boy and mostly we stay at home coz i cant drive yet. Here is some qu...

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i think that child care is good but i dont think i would put my kids in as i think the parents are the ones to raise kids not strang...


Young Parents Group under 28's in Noble Park Lock

Hi my name is Rachael, and I run a young parents group at the Patty O'donahue childrens centre in...

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Hi Guys, youlucky things to have a nice holiday. We will see you next week, to hear all about it! luve Rach.




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Parks in City of Kingston Lock

Hello all, We are soon to move from the City of Glen Eira (loads of lovely parks with great equi...

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North West Mummies Lock

Hi, I've recently moved to Glenroy with my partner and two boys, 9months and 2.5years. Looking fo...

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Hi there, I live in Watsonia, about 15 minutes away. I have an almost 9 month old boy and would love to meet a new friend and for L...


Mums in the Yarra Valley??? Lock

Hi im new to all this but was just wondering if there are any mums in the yarra valley? Im 24 and...

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Im in Woori Yallock. Are you up this way too?


Avondale Heights (Vic) mum Lock

Hi, I am first time mother of a 7 month old son. I am working fulltime and hence have not had a ...

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Hi, I'm in Glenroy with a 9 month old boy and a 2.5 year old boy. We are always interested in meeting new friends

advice for moving to melbourne Lock

Hi... I have a 3 1/2 month old boy. My husbands boss has offered him a new position in Melbourne....

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where would yoube moving from? my husband and i just did the same thing. we were living in adelaide and he got offered position so w...


30year old mum in melbourne Lock

Hi im a 30year old mum with a 10month old daughter and wanted to no if anyone wants to chat Iliv...

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Hey all! My parnter and I are 25 and we live in Seaford... I am looking to meet some new people around this area! We are expecting ...

Kyz mumma of 2

Who is interested?? Lock

Hi ppl im living in the inner west and wondering if anyone is interested in meeting up for a cupp...

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cool well let me know when u are catchin up next would love to come


On The Hunt For Volunteers Lock

Hey there girls, I am currently looking for volunteers to help me run the Daffodil Day stall at ...

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Kilsyth girls woo hoo kilsyth girls Lock

lol As above mentions ive moved to Kilsyth and looking for more friends. Love for someone to c...

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forgot to add monday we are now doing swimming at Kilsyth pool so that day is out but happy to do any other day


Child-Friendly get-togethers Lock

Hey everyone, My name's Jenna, and I'm from the Frankston area. I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter...

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umm ... maybe under general ... lol i dunno sorry


Any single mums over the new child support scheme!!!!!! Lock

hi im a sinle mum to 2 children and with the new child support scheme i lose $150 a month, which ...

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my friend is single and gets child support, as her ex doesnt earn much $500pw and with the new system she gets more in family tax a ...


Saturday Mother Group Lock

Hi, I am 1st time mum of a nine month old son. I want to form a Saturday playgroup with other mu...

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melbourne mum and dads, Lock

do u think its time for another meet?

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the halfway area is pretty much the CBD unfortunately.


Coming to Melbourne in October! Lock

Hi everyone in Melbourne! We are coming to Melbourne for a family holiday in october but don't k...

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There is a great website that you can visit when it gets closer to the date you are coming and book online. ...


Geelong Toddler NEEDS Play Dates!! Lock

Hi There My son is 22 months and needs play dates with children preferably boys who are around h...

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im in sunshine, deer park area


Ok Melbourne Chicks Lock

How about a meet over this side??? We are thinking a Friday as this generally suits most people b...

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hi girls will you be having another meet?


any new single mums in se suburbs? Lock

hi im beck, i have a 2 week old son named hunter, i am a single mum and am 23 years of age any on...

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Hi Ladies, I am looking for some new friends too, although I have to add that I am not single... I am 25 and live in Seaford and d...


shopping in melbourne Lock

Hello everyone who lives in melbourne. I am planning a trip over to melbourne soon and would love...

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Are you just going to be in CBD area or suburbs of Melbourne? I can recommend places like DFO in Cheltenham (have also heard the Es...


any single mums in the eltham area?????? Lock

hi im looking at starting a mums group for single mums in the eltham area, anyone interested?

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Kyz mumma of 2


OK who is out there looking for a new friend ? im here please feel free to get back to me anytime...

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Hi, My name is Tania, I'm 28 and I have a 16 month old daughter and i live in footscray. I keep meaning to get to a westie meet up b...


Come Along to our Party Plan Expo Lock

After the success of our previous party plan nights I have decided to run the first ever Hope Hel...

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Bump would love to see you there. Mel xoxo

Friday June 20 meet Lock

who is coming? Me Ayden and Abigail.

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Sorry girls I will have to miss tomorrow. I was really looking forward to meeting everyone tomorrow but we have Bailey in the Royal ...


Are there any Single melbourne mums Lock

Or anyone i guess Im in narre warren and a single mum with 2.5 yr old twins. So if anyone wants...

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hi im a singke mu in eltham, a bit far from you but im happy to chat online if you want , i have ella who is 4 and lachlan who is 4 ...


Hi all, My name is Paula, and I am a (nearly!) 25y/o mum to a 7 month old boy - Logan - and 6 we...

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Hello Some of the huggies mums from the northern suburbs are meeting up this Friday 20th. If you are interested PM me and I'll give...


Outer Eastern suburbs mummies? Lock

Hello, Is there any outer eastern suburbs mummies who would be interested in meeting up for coff...

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Any mums needing to join a playgroup? [Edited on 10/07/2008]


melbourne meet s/e suburbs Lock

Hi everyone in south eastern burb, wondering who is interested in meeting at lollipops play centr...

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Would love to meet up but wont be able to do this wednesday. Look forward to the next meet we will be there ]


eastern suburbs Lock

hi girls, i would love to try and start up a play group so we can all get together and chat. i ...

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hi girls, sooo sorry havent replied as i am in middle of moving and just got the net back on WOO HOO how is everyone? And i would...


location Lock

Name- Nikki 29 Kids- Taylah 9months Location- Frankston south east pm if wanna chat

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