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Can anyone recommend any catteries or kennels on the Southside? Rss

We will be moving soon and will need to put our cat and dog into boarding. Just wondering if anyone maybe able to recommend any they may have used.
We have always used the one at Chandler - I think it is called:-

Castelan Boarding Kennels & Cattery
85 Warriewood St Chandler QLD 4155
ph: (07) 3390 1132

My parents also went there. I put my dogs and cat there. I have not been there for about 2yrs. Check them out.


Wendy, mum & avid fan

Thank you very much. I have checked out the website and they certainly look great! I will give them a call in the morning. We will be flying and they have a delivery service to the airport which will be great as the cat and dog are flying with us as excess luggage...LOL. Poor things I hope they will be ok.

Thanks again for your help!
I've used "Cats Country Club" in Forestdale a couple of times in the past.
12-14 Nottingham Court, Forestdale (Browns Plain)
They are really good. The people are very nice and the Cattery is always clean and never smells and my cat has seemed quite happy there. I would whole heartedly recommend them. I haven't used a Kennel yet but I hope to find one just as good. I would deffinately recommend going and looking at anywhere you consider as I looked at another in the area when I thought I may have to book my dogs in aswell and it was awful. Old, smelly and didn't look very secure (i have small dogs).
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