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My DD is starting prep this year and has been enrolled into a private school, " that prided themselves on their small class sizes". I have recently received there class list and her class has 29students and the other has 30 students. With maybe 1 aide between them.

I feel that there are too many students in the classes as i know that state schools are only allowed a maximum of 25 and some have full time aides.

I have started lookng at other schools but its kinda difficult as theyre not open yet.

Any advice would help!

Kaliyah Jett 11/11/02 & Cruze Scarlett 8/8/06


I am a primary school teacher and my opinion is that that is WAY too many kids to have in a prep class, espicially if they are only having an aide between the 2 classes!!

I would look else where for a school with smaller class sizes. Schools should start opening again in the next week or so.

All the best!!

Patrick 10/12/07 & Matthew 15/05/09

Hi Jaydee,

Thanks for your advice. I knew i wasnt stressing about nothing. My SIL's and MIL kept saying that i would find this case no matter what school i looked at.
I dont mind whether DD goes to a private school or publice school i just want her to have a quality education.

Thanks heaps!

Kaliyah Jett 11/11/02 & Cruze Scarlett 8/8/06

I am also a Primary Teacher. I think your SIL and MIL is right. But you could speak to the Principal of your childs new school and see if they might start another classroom (it may start later in the year).

I got in contact with the principal and dd's class will now have a full time aide.

I did find some other schools which hadnt reached their quota yet, but i will see how she goes where she is enrolled.

Thanks for all the help

Kaliyah Jett 11/11/02 & Cruze Scarlett 8/8/06

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