Hello I just had the most delightful lunch at a cafe in Garden City shopping centre at Upper Mt Gravatt. It is called KAFE NEO (down the bottom near Kmart) which sells wheat and diary free desserts and offers soy milk for tea and coffee etc. I was so excited that a place like this exists. I was speaking to the manager who said they are apart of Toscani's Cafe Bar and Restaurants who also sells these products. Toscani's even sells wheat/gluten free pasta!! We have a son who has problems with wheat and diary and his day care mum also has a problem. It is so hard to eat while out so to us, and many others, this was a great find.
Toscani's have a few locations - Upper Mt Gravatt, Carindale, Chermside and South Bank.

Bon Apetite (spelling??)