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Ok, so DH, DD and I all moved up here from Vic at the end of March. We're all settled in now and I'm starting to find my way around. So I'm thinking of meeting some of you lovely ladies if anyone is interested?(when I am no longer diseased of course, damn shingles) We live in the northern suburbs, only 20 mins from the city if that but I'm happy to travel if need be.

Who's up for a get together in a few weeks?

That would be great. We live on the southside about 5 mins from town.
We are also having a birthday party for dd1 next month. I'll get on top of the organising and send you an invite via face book if you like.
I live on the southside as well, about 10mins from the city.

I'd be interested in meeting new people. Let me know where and when.
I'm due in a month and working right up till then but after def keen for a meet up, I think i will go slightly insane with a almost 5 year old and new born at home. I'm on the southside (i think lol) but ok to travel.

PS-I have been on huggies for years just forgot my old name and password lol
I'd love to come to v's party smile

As for meet up, well I'm thinking a weekday maybe around 10.30? Seems like most people are on southside so maybe a playcentre near there? Or if too ex$$ a park and we could all bring something little for morning tea?

Any ideas??

meeeeeeeeee meeeeeeeee cant possibly get much more on the south side then me !! lo lol

But I am keen ..ready when you are smile

I'd be in too if it was on a mon, tues, or wed!
Does anyone want to throw an idea in for the place? I don't know the area so I'm no help lol.

How about a Tuesday morning??

I'm interested too smile. Any day pretty much works for me. I'm northside but happy to travel (I go to the meet ups Frankie sometimes organises at a playcentre out towards Logan so distance doesn't particularly phase me, just so long as I can get there between feeds lol).

I seem to remember that there was talk months ago (back in Feb/March I think) of having a meet up at Roma Street parklands for Brisbanites (and any other people who felt like coming to Brisbane for it lol) sometime in early July but I don't think anything was ever fully organised with that.

How much $$ was entry at the playcentre?

Sounds good as we won't have to worry about weather...

Is everyone happy to go to Logan?

The place I've always gone to when Frankie organises it is Lollipops Playland at Springwood (I just knew it was out towards Logan lol).

The address is Springwood Hometown, Lexington Rd, Springwood, QLD 4127.

Prices depend on when we go. School holidays started this afternoon so if we go in the next two weeks we'll be paying a little extra.

Super Entry (ages 2 -11 years old) - holidays/after school $11.90
- through school hrs $10.90
Junior Entry (ages 12 - 23 mths) - holidays/after school $8.90
- through school hrs $7.90
Baby Entry (ages 0 - 12 mths) - FREE regardless of time

Adults - $3.50 but that includes one regular tea or coffee or a small soft drink at the cafe

I did however find a 'special' on their website (don't know how long it will be up for though) that is $5 per child entry that can be used for up to 7 children but can only be used on a school day. All you have to do is print out the page off the website (here) and hand it over when you arrive but to use it we'd have to wait until after the holidays.


edited because a sentence didn't make sense
Hi I would be happy with Lollypops play land. If others want to do that i'm in smile
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