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good child care centre around Coorparoo/Sunnybank area Lock Rss

I'm wanting to put my son's name down for a child care for next year (he'll be 12 months) and looking for a good child care centre in the Sunnybank/Coorparoo area. Which one does your baby/child goes to and are you happy with them? I just don't know which ones are good one and scared to send him to a one that's not good.

any advice is appreciated.
thank you.
My advice would be to get a list of all the daycares with in the areas you are looking at, and go and have a look. I would just turn up with out calling, this way you can really get a good first impression. You should be able to look at all the rooms (not just the one bub is going into) and also speak to the teachers.
Turning up around meal times etc can be good because it gives you a chance to see what the carers are like under what can be one of their most stressfull moments (when they have a lot of hungry mouths)
Have a list of questions, no matter how trival you might feel they are - remember these people are going to be looking after your child.
Ask what do they provide etc and fees - are you expected to pay annual fee on top of your weekly costs. Even if you dont know what your percentage will be this will give you a starting point.

Good luck. My kids go to one in Salisbury, and they love it
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