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Toowoomba Mums!!! Mothers / Play Group???? Lock Rss

Hey Girls
I see alot of posts from Tba Mums, and was wondering if anyone is interested in setting up a regular mums group.
I've got a 8.5mth old (and pregnant again) and I'll be moving back to toowoomba in 2 months.
I know here, the mums group i go to is one of the only interactions i have with other mums because all my friends arent at that stage in life.
If anyone is interested, pm or reply and we could orgnaise something.
[Edited on 14/05/2008]
hi Elliottsmummy

I am really interested. I don't know many mums in toowoomba and would really like to get to know some.

Hi ladies,

I'm Josie, married to Grant & we have Cohen who is 19mths old & Sienna is almost 2mths old. I have been in Toowoomba since I was 6yrs old. Let me know when you move back here & we can arrange to get together with some of the other mums I know perhaps.
Where are you now? Why are you movin to Toowoomba? Sorry for all the questions!
Look forward to meeting up with you. In the mean time, feel free to PM me & we can chat if you like.


DS 06, DD 08, #3 EDD 12/10.10

Hi Girls
I'm moving at the beginning of july if all goes well. Not sure which area yet but Toowoomba is pretty small. We're looking for North side tho. I'm in Brisbane atm.
I'm really interested in meeting some other mums in Toowoomba and would love to catch up.
My hubby and I moved here from NSW in Jan and we have a 2yr old son with baby no. 2 due in Sept. I work part time but other than that don't get to meet many people.
Even if the other mums want to catch up before you arrive "Elliottsmummy" - we could get the ball rolling!
Hi everyone, I would like to meet other mums in toowoomba as i do not know many people here.I have a 5 year old girl and a 15 M/old baby girl. Just P.M me if you would like to catch up sometime. Hope to hear from you soon.
Hi ladies,

Yep would love to meet up with you all...we should definately arrange something that's for sure. Maybe we could pick a park somewhere & just hope for a nice day!

Picnic Point or Laurel Bank park are quite nice & good play areas for the kids too. I'm pretty much free any day so lets work on something...what suits everyone else?


DS 06, DD 08, #3 EDD 12/10.10

Hey Ladies,

i'd love to join a mums/ play group

my names shelley and i have a 3yr old and a 9 month old both boys.
i'm currently studying but would love to get out of the house and into the fresh air.

we're free most days even if Seths in daycare i'll come along for the adult conversation.

my msn is [email protected] if u wanna add me, we can figure out when and where we can meet up.

Would anyone like to meet up Friday next week (the 20th) at Queens park about 10ish? If this doesn't suit we can change -I'll be at work Wed/Thur this week though.
Would love to meet up but unfortunately next friday is one of Grant's few days off and we are getting family portraits done at pixie at 9.30am! Otherwise we would have loved to have come.
I mean Tuesday suits me...the 17th if that suits anyone else???


DS 06, DD 08, #3 EDD 12/10.10

Hey ladies,

My name is Sharna, I have a 7 month old daughter, Bella. My DH and I moved here just bfore she was bron and I dont know many mums around here either. I would love to meet up and talk to some other mums. Bella is just at that age where shes getting interested in playing with other kids. I cant do this week but I'm available most mornings. Just PM and let me know. I'd love to catch up.

Isabella (20/11/07)

Probably better that no one can make this week as I won't be able to make it either anymore as I've remembered an appt - also I've been sick with the flu etc the past week and at the moment it doesn't feel like it'll be cleared up by the end of this week LOL. I'm free Mon/Tue/Fri next week (not this week though) so if any of these days suit feel free to pick one and we'll change it to then.
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