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Toowoomba Mums!!! Mothers / Play Group???? Lock Rss

i will be there on tuesday, what time are we meeting??? around 10 or 11 is good for me.
girls just letting you know that alot of long threads have been getting deleted so ours might me next, just letting you know as huggies is stuff everyone around big time. i would say we are next.
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We are meeting at 10:30.
ok cool see u at 10

Hi ladies, I've just moved to Toowoomba in May and have an almost 5 month old boy. I'd love to gatecrash your group if I can? I'm Heather, 35, married to Andrew, 41, and our baby boy is Eli.
I look forward to hearing from someone!! smile
hi heather

im suz and i hav a son thomas who just turned also 35 but im a single just heading down to Little Legs playcentre,there is just me and another lady goin and mayb 1more,she is unsure,but yr welcome to come and join us,there is things for Eli to do there aswel,i know its short notice but feel free to tag heading there at would be great to met some people my if yr able to dont be shy come along!im wearing a red shirt with demin shorts and thomas is wearing a red shirt aswel with demin shorts,matching outfits,lol,so if u come thats wat yr looking for.

suz and thomas

hi just wondering when we are going tp have another meet???

Well my kids have the chicken poxs at the moment so i am not available until next week. they should be over them by then.

let me know so i can organise one.

hi i have for sale 3 baby car seats all reversable and all safe and sound they are all in excellent condition and about 4 years old i am in toowoomba just off north street for anyone who is interested i am selling them for $90 each. thanks from felecia

boys 5 and 3 years i love my little men

Hi ladies,

I think I introduced myself in this thread a few months ago. I live rural Toowoomba, have a 14 month old daughter and another due in May. I'm looking for some other mum's to get out of the house with... maybe take the kids to kindergym, lunch/coffee, markets etc. So i'd love to catch up with whoever, whenever. I don't frequent 'huggies' very often, so if you want to email me if you want to catch up or have a meet up, i'd really appreciate it. I will try and get on to check what you guys are up to though. Have a lovely week and I hope you are all enjoying the New Year.

P.S. What is around in Toowoomba for mum's to do? Are there any classes etc.
hey girls

does anyone want to meet up next friday at 10 am at laurel bank park. let me know if you can make it

Hi ladies, i have not long moved to toowoomba and have a 4 month old. I was wondering if there are any mothers groups that are willing to take on a newbie. Thank you
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