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Att Toowoomba Mums!! Lock Rss

Hello, I am calling upon your home town knowledge. We are planning to visit Toowoomba for the Carnival of Flowers in September. We usually stay at the Burke and Wills however they are already fully booked. Can anyone recommend the name of other places to stay in Toowoomba close to the city heart. We would like a place simular to Burke and Wills in regards to basic tea making facilities and the convenience of having a restaurant down stairs for breakfast and dinner. We will only be staying a few night and of course Caleb will be with us who will be just over 2years of age. I realise when you live there you dont stay in hotels/motels but perhaps you have friends or relatives who have. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks heaps in advance!!!
hi calebsmum,

I must say it will be hard to find somewhere as everywhere usually books up fast! Here are a few for you to check out.....Asters on James Motor Inn - 46595555, Toowoomba Motel - 46318683, Shamrock Hotel/Motel - 46322666, Ambassador on Ruthven Motor Inn - 46376800, Downs Motel - 46393811, Comfort Inn The Park TOowoomba - 46321011, Coachman Motel - 46393707, Comfort Inn Grammer View - 46383366, Eastgate On The Range (opening mid 2004) - 46381804. I hope this helps you find somewhere. Let me know how you go and contact me if you need anything else...or just more help!

Take care,

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

Hello mum78, thank you so much for your help!! I rang and as you said every where is booked, some people even laughed at me saying they are booked a year ahead!!. One place said to try the Highlander Motor Inn on James St . We contacted them and managed to get a mid week booking. Do you know this place?? It sounds alright and I checked out there website so finger crossed.......

Thanks again for your help you have no idea how great it was. Our next step was going to be driving around and personally looking at them. I know the RACQ has a accomodation guide and there is always the yellow pages but I have been caught so many time before relying in those.

Big hugs and kisses are being sent your way!
Hi Janeen,

Yes I have seen the Highlander and it looks to be a nice place too...has a nice restuarant next door too! If things don't work out let me know and maybe we could organise for you to stay here (our house) as I understand how hard it will be to find somewhere...would hate for your trip to be spoiled! Anyway let me know ok and it was a pleasure to help...if you need anything else just drop me a line!

Take care

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

Hi mum78, thank you very much for your very,very kind offer. Hopefully we will be fine but its nice to know people like you still exist you really are a rarity!! Now its just fingers crossed that Caleb doesnt get sick like last year and we have to cancel again.
Thank you so so so much for your help, your a true gem.
Hope to talk (type) soon..
Hi Janeen,

No's hoping all goes well for you and your family! I'm on MSN Messenger if you ever want a chat! I'm usually on till late as hubby is shift worker...great way to kill time while waiting for him to get home!

Take care

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr


I can't beleive you are headed to my home town!!!

Hope you have a nice stay in Toowoomba, it is a lovely place... well I am biased as I live here!!!

Michelle smile

Hey maddychelle, Yes I am getting excited just thinking about going to Toowoomba!! I love the place. My husband was born in Toowoomba so he had a lot of family there but sadly they have either moved away or passed away. I had an Aunty and 2 cousins who grew up there, so I spent many a family holiday or weekend in Toowoomba. Would you believe in the last 4 months 2 ladies I work with have transfered to Toowoomba with work!

I am just hoping Caleb wont get sick again. We are off to see the ENT again on the 17th of June as they think he has an allergy problem and maybe asthma. It never ends does it!!

I have been busy reading your posts, I cant believe how fast your pregnancy has gone. July will be here in no time as you know.........

If I dont hear from you all the best I hope everything goes well for you all! I will be hanging out to hear the "breaking news" of your sons arrival! Pitta Patta of the little feet etc............

Take care

Hi Janeen,

So lovely to hear from you. When are you coming to Toowoomba exactly? In September? Sorry if I am asking vague questions... heavily pregnant and tired too.

I am not originally from Toowoomba. I was born in Brisbane, but raised in Sydney... so I am really a Sydney girl. My husband an I moved here about 4 years ago and loved it so much we decided this is where we want to rasie our family.

My darling Madeleine, now 18 months was born here... and in about 7 weeks my precious baby boy will be born here too!

I hope you have safe happy travels when you come up this way and if I can be of any assistance to you, just ask.

How is Caleb? I hope he is not sick at the moment. It's not fair for little ones to be constantly sick. I hope that you don't find anything too serious at ENT appointment. Hopefully it will be something he is going to grow out of. Fingers crossed fro you. How old is Caleb now? Is he around Maddy's age?

My pregnancy has gone pretty fast... up until now! I feel fit to burst... honestly I hope this baby doesn't get much bigger in the next 7 weeks, there's no more room!!

You can rest assured that there will be news posted all over Huggies about the arrival of William Wyatt... I can't help myself.

Hope to hear from you again,

Michelle smile

Hello Michelle, The Carnival of Flowers starts on the Saturday 18.09.04. We will arrive on the Wednesday 22.09.04... As I said I am getting really excited.

Caleb is OK at the moment we had to cut out wheat and diary from his diet (very interesting!!) and seems ok. He had a chest cold about 3 weeks ago which turned really nasty. That is when they came to the conclusion he obviously has allergies to things which trigger reactions etc. They also think he may have asthma but still a bit to young to tell. My father is asthmatic so I am not totally shocked but still hoping like crazy they are wrong. The main problem with Caleb is he goes to day care where he picks up everything going around. We keep him home when he is sick but other parents dont so as soon as he is back he picks up the next childs bug and so forth. The last time he was sick my husband caught it off him (he took the time of work this time to look after Caleb) .As he has been sick since he was around 8 months old his immune system does not work and his body has no ability to fight anything. Of course all the antibiotics he has been taking does not help either. That is why we decided to try a homoepath and accupuncture. This does seem to help, but its a long road. As you said we are hoping this is something he will grow out of.

Caleb will be turning 2 on the 09.07.04. so he is at that lovely 2 temper tantrum stage which as you know is very trying. He is also very destructive at the moment which is really concerning. We are hoping he grows out of that stage very quickly!!

I bet Maddy will love having a little brother. She will probably enjoy helping you.

I cant believe you only have 7 weeks to go??!!. I remember when I was around that stage I had enough and wanted Caleb out!! That was when my rib cage really started stretching and I was at the physio 3 times a week to get some relief. They say that only happens the first time so I am hoping if and when we have another one I dont get that problem.

I hope you are getting plenty of rest. I cant imagine being so pregnant with a toddler. But no doubt one day I will find out for myself.

Its been great catching up with you. I have not been replying to posts on this site for a while, just reading. That is how I know what you have going through you poor thing. As I said make sure you put your feet up when you can.

Talk soon - take care

Hi Janeen,

You found somwhere to stay? I hope Caleb is feeling better fun when your kids are sick! I know what you mean about the daycare thing! I keep my son home even when he is a little off colour but some parents send their kids when they are vomiting and all that...don't know why! Hope all goes well with you and your family coming here as it is a great time! My little girl has just started pulling herself up and loves to walk with help...won't be long!!

Anyway, keep us informed!

Take care

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

Hey mum78, We did find some where to stay but get this, I forget where we had booked???!!! Luckily I had put it in this post and just went back to it.

You will love this the other day when we picked up Caleb the daycare said we had a case of conjunctivitis today but we sent the child home but thought we better warn you??? That was on Friday so as nothing had happened we thought we were over it, but tonight when I gave him his bath he had a heap of yuck in the corners of both eyes. I had some drops for the last time he caught this from day care so I gave him some and put him to bed. I guess the morning will tell! I picked Caleb up earlier then usual and they were just about to have some biscuits and milk so we stayed back for Caleb to have his. I could not believe the sound of 3 kids chest when they were breathing. They were so ruff, poor kids. What are the parents thinking? One child in particular sounded like he needed a chest thump to get the yuck up. I hate it when Caleb sounds like that. I also get so embarrased as I hope people dont think I dont look after him. If I won lotto and didnt have to work I would gladly take him out of day care for at least 6 months to get him really on his feet..................its nice to dream!!(LOL) Or even better a nanny, that way I would be able to have a good night sleep as well. Now I am really dreaming, I better stop before I get depressed with a large dose of reality!! (LOL)

I love babies when they are at the stage of pulling themself up. The looks on their faces is priceless. Isnt it amazing how fast they grow? I had to pack up Calebs summer clothes a few weeks ago and it was so sad having to put away all his little favourites knowing he will not be wearing them again. How old is your daughter? Not long now before she is on her way. I remember when Caleb was a baby thinking I cant wait until he is up and walking but as soon as they are mobile you wish they were back at the baby stage again. We are never happy are we?

Can you tell my husband is working 3p to 11p? Caleb is asleep so I thought I would check out my favourite site.

Anyway great talking to you, hope all is well for you and yours.

Take care

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