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Need to meet new people. Lock Rss

Hi ladies would also love to chat with you all. I am 26 have a 9 month old and also 8 weeks pregnant. You can e-mail me at [email protected]

StaceyW.A Cody(Son)10/7/03Jordyn(Daughter)25/11/04

Oop's sorry ladies drop the au on my hotmail adress it is [email protected]
Hope to hear from some of you soon

Stacey (26)
Cody (9 months)

StaceyW.A Cody(Son)10/7/03Jordyn(Daughter)25/11/04

Hi mums,

My name is Nikki, I am 22 and live in Osborne Park, with my nearly 11 month old boy and his father. I haven't tried playgroups as none had babies younger than 3 or 4 in my area. Would love to meet some new friends for myself and Ashleigh as he can never have too many friends (neither can I).

email is [email protected]
feel free to email me.

Nikki, WA, 2nd bub on the way.

hi Nikki,
How R U. I'm Louise, I have a 2.5yr old boy, and a 14 month old girl. I'm always up for making new friends, both for myself and my kids! I live NOR. Feel free to email me at [email protected]

Louise, Perth 2yr old boy/1yr old girl

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