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New Mother In Clarkson, Perth Lock Rss

Hello there,

I am a new mother of a gorgeous 3 month old girl. I am 24 years of age and love to meet new people. I live North up in Clarkson and would love to meet some new mummys if your out my way to chat to maybe grab a coffee sometime or go for a walk would be great.....


Hi Jayde's mum

A few of us girls living north of river are planning to get together soon in the new year. Maybe you could join us ? I will keep you posted re date/time/place etc.

My son is almost 9 months old and we live in Carramar. I used to live in Clarkson about 9 years ago so i know where it is...

Have a read of the QUINNS ROCK AREA post in this section - there is a girl named AmyC and she is 28 and also lives in Clarkson. Her baby is a few months older than yours...and she is looking for someone to walk with.

Talk to you soon.
Take care smile
Hey Jayde's mum

I just noticed that AmyC (in Clarkson) also has a post in the WA section of Communities called - Mum NOR wanting to get out of the house.
Have a read - wouldn't it be nice if you could meet with her...she sounds really nice smile

Bye for now !
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