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Funstation ANYONE? Everyone Jump in and reply! Lock Rss

anyone want to have a meet at Funstation in Midland?
We can organise Date, time & Day and vote a Day!

let me know ASAP!
yeah im up for it.. i dont mind. i would prefere a friday
cool, i'll just wait for some more replies. have you ever been there? do i need to book or anything? lol ive been in W.A since start of last year so i havent really been to too many places!
[Edited on 20/09/2008]

Sorry Nat, Midland is a bit far for me, like 45min to an hours drive.

Hopefully I can come to the next meet, if its not too far?

how about this friday. because then i have a dr appointment down that way anyway. lol

if not, thats alright
lol do we have to book it?
no, i dont think you book it. shouldnt be too full being during the week.
Nah Nat you dont need to book smile
Im in!!!!!!!!!!!
im in 2!

dum dee doo changing for safety reasons... lol
[Edited on 21/09/2008]
im kewl for wheneva just let me know time and date and ill be there

ooooh does any one mind if me and my DD came along? any day/time is good for me!!

except tuesdays

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