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Picnic @ Whiteman Park - Sunday Lock Rss

Hi all

A few of us are meeting at Whiteman Park on Sunday for a picnic lunch.

Would be great to meet some more families and kiddies, anyone is welcome to come !

I'm Kristie, 23 .. mum to Blake whose 8mths old and married to Andy whose 26.

If you're interested in coming let me know and i'll post up details smile

Kristie, mum to Blake(23mths) & Joshua(1mth)

Hey Kristie

I might be interested....have to check with my husband..

Im 25, husband Ben is 27 and bubby Steph is 5 months.

Gimme the details and hope to see you there.


Sentara - Stephanie Ava 17/10/05, Perth, WA

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