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KEMH vs Private in SJOG Subi Lock Rss

Hi this is my second pregnancy I went private on my 1st and had a really nice experience and a lovely OB and then we were landed with a massive bill after my babies birth of $1,500 after gap fees were paid for the anaesthetists as I ended up having a c section. this was after we paid the management fee for OB and the gap fee for hospital. It was an expense we were not prepared for at the time. Now I'm having my second baby and I decided to go public to KEMH. I had my 1st midwife appointment today and it don't go as I would of liked and now I'm thinking about going private. Basically my GP never sent my previous pregnancy notes to KEMH and I cant use the birthing clinic as I'm high risk so I'm being referred to a different team. this is fine but I have been told that if I have another c section I will be in hospital for over a week. after the appointment a friend then told me that she has an emergency C section in KEMH and she was in bed for 4 days with the catheter still in from c section and her midwife said that's normal for KEMH. I was up and moving the next day after my ceaser and out after 2 days at my own wish on my 1st in SJOG.
anyway looking for peoples experiences with out of pocket expenses private vs public care.
Hi with my first we were booked into stjog and paid management fee for ob then my son had other plans and my waters broke at 29 weeks and I wasn't able to go anywhere but king eddies and they were fantastic as my son was born 29+ 6 and was in hospital for 8.5 weeks. I have just been confirmed I'm pregnant with #2 through IVF and coz of my high risk of another premature birth i am going back to king eddies under the special unit. We went private which means the hospital gets the extra money our fund will pay with no out of pocket expense to us and I got to choose when I was ready to go home.

Hope this helps.

I had my now 3 year old at KE and they were amazing. I was high risk and so was definitely in the right place. I think they’re fantastic there. I think my catheter was out day 2. I was in 10 days after but had conplications so had to stay longer.
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