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2nd bub bigger? Lock Rss

I'm due in 3 weeks with bub #2 and am wondering if on average out there if 2nd bubs have been bigger, same or smaller?
I'm around 5ft and had a 8lb3oz boy first time round which was on the big side for my body. I am carrying a girl this time so I am hoping the girl factor will help too.
So do they getter bigger 2nd time round now that the body has done it before?

Isabella PERTH

Hi there

I was wondering the same thing as I am also expecting bub no. 2.

From what I have been told (from midwives, obstretrician and mums) on average the second bub is usually bigger but I don't think it always the case. My friend has just given birth to her third bub which was the smallest bub even though she looked alot bigger whilst pregnant.

I think having a girl will lessen the chances of bub being bigger as girls are normally born smaller than boys. It would probably also depend on when you give birth as bubs may be bigger the further along you are although I have also heard it is far less likely to be overdue with the second.

I don't know if any of this helps. Goodluck and I am sure you will be fine.

Hi Isabella

My 1st was 6lb6.5oz, 2nd 7lb6.5oz and 3rd was 7lb12oz. Hopefully this ones a bit smaller!!!

Dr says it's only gonna be between 6&7 pound as not as big this time. We'll see!!!!!!!!!!

Size does not seem to count for much during delivery the second time round. I am about 5ft3 and my first baby was 8ld1oz and took over two hours of pushing to get him out. Then the second time my daughter was 9lb6oz but the pushing time was only 15 minutes. What a welcome relief.
Goodluck with the birth
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