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hi i live in bunbury and i have a 2 1/2 year old daughter and a 6mths son i am a 22 years old

wondering of anyone else is around my age

first time mum

hi there i love in bunbury and i am a first time mum i have a son who is 4 weeks old..
Hey,Im in Australind and im a first time mum to a 7 month old daughter. Im 21...
hey, im live in australind and im 20 with a almost 2yr old son and almost 1 yr old daugther and have 5wks til im due with our second boy!

DS07,DD08,DS09 & TTC bub #4 with PCOS&Endometrosis

Congrates Alli on becomin preg again !
hi all i'm Tam * i'm 26yrs old & i live in Bunbury with my fiancee Adrian & our 4 kids Drake Eshana Owen & Klarysa & Number 5 on the way


N e body still here, keep me sane! i no nobody i hate not having friends
hey there is meant to be a great young mums group in bunbury. if you interested let me know and i will find out the details for you. other wise i have just started a young mums group in busselton and your welcome to come, although its a long drive lol.

Yes busselton jst a tad wee bit far away! Thanks for the offer, im not so young 29 mmmmmm yes so yeah
hi im from bunbury but im 29
hi i live in bunbury im 29 and have six kiddies youngest two are nearly 2 and seven months boy and girl congrats on news of your preg!
hello! i know how you feel cos im quite new here...
Hi I live in Eaton - first time mum to Oliver born 18.08.09 27 yrs and looking to meet people - hubby and I are new to the South West!
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