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Tuesday, 4th December - Walk at Glenelg Lock Rss

Hello Ladies,

There is a group of us (all Mum & Bubs from this Huggies website) who are planning to meet for the first time on Tuesday, 4th December out the front of McDonalds at Glenelg at 9.30am.

If you are interested in coming please let me know as you are more than welcome to join us. None of us have actually meet so please don't be shy.

Look forward to meeting you all.


Do you still think u be round about at 10 - 10:30am ish cos I gonna be late!

Hi Tara,

Yeah I still think we will be there and I remember you would be late. Just call me mobile like you mention before. I'd still like to meet you even if the others are not there.


cool....actually I might ring the photo ppl and see if I can pick them up at 9am....better go find that number!!


Tara, I will not be at Kindergym tom as doing my volunteering work all day tom. Lewis will be there as my sister will be taking him. I will see you on Tuesday and we can get a good chat then.

Looking forward to meeting the rest of you next week.

Angela and Lewis
have fun angela! we went today as well to make up for the one I missed! gonna wear lil em out this week, 2 lots of kindergym n 2 lots of swimming lessons!!

Yeah I'm intrested. Always nice to meet a few new faces but Phoebe's at childcare on Tuesdays so I'll only have Karly. Not sure what we've got on though. Hope to see ya guys there smile
sounds good to me woudl love to meet some new mums we can go in together ellie?
Yeah sounds good Hails smile
Are you planning on having a cuppa at Macdonalds or just going for a walk straight away?

If you are having coffee we'll join you.... but can't come for the walk, we have an appt at WCH at 11

Hello Ladies,

Just wondering if you are interested in having a cuppa at McDonalds prior to going on the walk?


Yup, I am cool with that would be nice to meet Bronwyn too.

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