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Joining the gym at Noarlunga Lock Rss

Hey girls! Just incase anyone's interested in joining at any point but, are a bit hessitant because of feeling a bit nervous or dont wanna go alone, I thought I'd pop in a post about it.
I joined the gym ages ago but, up until I quit work again to be home with my lil man, I barely ever went. I tell you what though, it's been so much fun these days though! I go with a great mum I met on here a while ago called Sarah & its been fantastic so, just wanted to share with you all about the costs etc for anyone interested.
Ok, its $14.30p/w for a full membership which includes use of not only the gym (cardio & weights room), the leisure centre (which includes all the different classes plus, I think you can even hire a squash court for free too), the creche (open from 9am-12noon or 12:30pm), plus the pool, spa & sauna. There's a schedule available there that you can take home that shows all the different times etc. for the classes & open & closing times.
Or, if you just want to do the classes, its only $9.50 p/w (I think) so, not too bad at all. The fees are direct debited through Ezypay & can come out weekly, fortnightly or monthly. When you first join too, it wont cost you anything on the day, you just need to have your bank details on standby. It usually takes about a week to set up the account but, you could even say that you cant start paying for a fortnight & then go & use the gym that day!! Not bad huh?
You can do as little or as many classes as you like without any extra cost & with the free creche available for members, its awesome!
Sarah & I have only just got into a bit of a routine with when we go but, are always adaptable when needed so, no pressure. As a rough guide (and Sarah, Please correct me if Ive got this wrong again), these are when we usually go & what classes we're doing:

Monday- Dont go
Tuesday-6:30pm Step aerobics
(Awesome class! Heaps of fun & easy to understand for beginners)
Wednesday-9:15am Body attack
(Really full on class, probably the hardest but, still adaptable for beginners & has an awesome instructor (same one as for step))
Thursday-10:15am Body Jam
(Heaps of fun, easy class! Its a sort of hiphop/Latin/god knows what dance class but dont worry, I'm really uncoordinated but, still have heaps of fun! fairly easy for beginners)
Friday- Dont go but, there is a Combat class at 9:15am if interested.
Saturday- Dont go but, Hudson has swimming class at 9:30am (costs $8.50p/w if you sign up for a year)
Sunday-9:15am Body Combat
(Awesome class! Mixture of martial arts, tai-chi etc, Self defence moves. Very exhillirating & energy boosting! For those who are single mums, there are the odd mum who brings there littlies along but, they have to be able to amuse themselves out of the way of the class while its on)

If there's any of you who think 'yeah, it sounds good but, Im too big, I'll look horrible next to all the gym junkies', dont worry, Im a biggish girl myself (which is one of the reasons I go in the first place) so, you arent alone! Besides, trust me, we're all different sizes there so, you'll fit in no matter how big or small you are!.
Also, if you think 'Im Heaps unfit, I wont be able to keep up!' trust me, all but the Body attack class, are really easy to follow no matter how fit or unfit you are plus, the instructors always give an easier alternative to the moves so, once again, you'll be fine!

Ok, I think thats about it, Oh, one last thing, all you really need is a pair of bike pants, shorts or 3/4 pants & a t.shirt or sports top etc plus a pair of sneakers which you can wear before you get there so, nothing too expensive. Oh, and MOST importantly, a big water bottle! I have one thats a litre & on some days, I almost guzzle it all down before I get home! I live about a half hour walk from the gym too & have decided to walk there for my classes now too so, if anyone's near me, they are more than welcome to walk there with me & Huds too.
I tell you what, what I've been loving most about going is the fact that, for an hour a day, I get to do something just for me thats good for me too! Plus, Hudson benefits by interacting with the other bubs in the creche too so, its just fantastic! Not to mention, the boost in energy that it gives me too! Anyways, I hope I've helped fill you all in & have encouraged a few of you to come along too so, feel free to PM me any time if you wanna ask anything etc ok? Hopefully, I'll hear from a few of you soon! Byeeeeeeeee
sounds great i would love to but really dont have the money as it would be cool to go most mornings,
that way hudson and jazz could play together while getting looked after!!!

when i get some $$$$ ill let you know!
Give me 5 months then i will wanting to go to gym.
I mentioned it to Jarrod the other day that i will want to do something but not at the moment.
pick me pick me i'll come!! hehe
i think it is pretty much right simone although body attack can be done either wednesday or on the monday, and if we do it on a monday it gives us a chance to try out the tone and sculpt on a wednesday and see if we like it. so it could also be
Monday- Body Attack ( Awesome class i love it a great work out and although it is pretty full on i found that what they were doing wasnt that hard so it was easy to pick up its just a big work out)
Tuesday-6:30pm Step aerobics
(another awesome class, its good fun. and depending on the routine for the night it can be easy or a bit tricky for beginers but the key is to stick to it once you have gone for a few weeks, you pick up the basic moves and know what the instructor is talking about and its alot easier
Wednesday- tone and sculpt (the only class we havent tried yet but will let you know how we go when we do try it)
Thursday-10:15am Body Jam
(fun class, you have to forget about the people around you and not worry about how silly you look whilst shaking your bum around and doing all sorts or weird dance moves that you should only do whilst dancing around in the lounge room all by yourself with the music turned up really loud)
Friday- Dont go but, there is a Combat class at 9:15am if you dont want or cant make the one on the sunday
Saturday- Dont go but
sunday body combat (good class sort of self defense mixed in with a work out i like it)

i think thats it, id better head off and get Kai to the doctors hopefully there wont be to long to wait.
talk soon.
I joined yesterday and went to my first class today i loved it. I will hope to go most days to the classes and perhaps a wealk on the tredmill i loved itttttttttttt. lol

I will be sore tommorow anyone wanna come tomorrow to either classes blody pump or body jam i know im going be in pain but gotta do it i got a 3 month member ship only cause i dont know where ill be next year so i have to use it

The crashe however that is spelt is a great idea hope some one might come with me and endure the pain with me lol

Jaymee 26 01 04 Blake 13 07 07 29/7/09

i went to the tone and sculpt today but we did curcuit it wasnt too hard actually i thought it would be a nice one to start with perhaps ill see u at body jam jam guys

Jaymee 26 01 04 Blake 13 07 07 29/7/09

hey i will be there tomorrow, i have done the body pump once before when we first started going to the gym but havent gone back since. but i dont mind going to body pump again if you would prefer to go to that one tomorrow either one i dont mind
I was thinking the body jam at 10 15 sounds better

Jaymee 26 01 04 Blake 13 07 07 29/7/09

Count me in too! I really wanted to go today but, poor lil Huds has come down with another cold & has been really snotty & grumpy today. I think Im coming down with it too, got a rotten sore throat but, be damned if Im gonna stay moping around about being crook again! So, what class are we gonna do now? Im not fussed either way. I gotta admit, I would feel a bit guilty not doing the Body Jam class though coz, the poor instructor is really struggling to get people in her class. I wouldnt mind re-trying the body pump either though too coz, Im gonna try & aim to do almost all the classes. Was the circuit class good? They've got heaps of new equipment now. Looks like it'd be fun!
Ok, I'll check in a bit later & see what we've all decided on. Take care everyone!
cool body jam it is then. Haven't seen you at netball for a while we must be playing at different times, i think our ladies teams must be in different divisions as we haven't played each other yet.
will be good to catch up at the gym tomorrow.
it looks like we were typing at the same time body jam it is. I dont think it was actually curcuit as such she did it in the gym and we jusy did things on the floor it was great and then we stopped to do a bit body combat so she mixed it up it was good i keep saying that i gotta keep my self motivated

Jaymee 26 01 04 Blake 13 07 07 29/7/09

Sorry about my jumbo pics girls, just trying to figure it out now...
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