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parking fines at TTP Lock Rss

hi huggies mums,

Just a warning that if you park in the 90min express parking zone at TTP (the undercover bit)ensure that you stick to the 90min time as I received a parking fine there a few weeks ago.

It could have been just that day the council decided to check cars or it could be a new thing that the council is doing to check cars on a more regular basis, I am not sure, as I have been parking there for years and this is the first time that I have been fined for parking there for longer that 90mins.

Just be wary as you don't want to lose money on a fine when it could go to so many more different things.
Ive heard about this at Marion at the 4 hour limit section.
If i am going to be longer i park in the staff parking area outside Myer.
The Shopping centre management call the council to do checks but not every day. If you take your ticket and a receipt or two to the centre management they can ( and i have done it in the past ) get the ticket waived.

thanks for that tip...I didn't know that you could do that.

Might have to try that next time if I get caught out. smile
All I can say is sucked in if you cant stick to the 90 min time limit then DONT park there find a place to park with a longer time limit. Why should the ticket be waved when you have done the wrong thing.
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