Currently my daughter goes to child care. I'm very happy with them but I'm thinking of moving her when she turns 2 this year.
I want to know has anyone enrolled thier child or heard of "Montessori" (either their Hills School or Gumnut".
I've been told it's 'the best' (also VERY expensive), but have mixed feelings.
I know every child is different but,
I know 2 kids from the same family, 1 who attended and the other didn't. The child who atteneded is VERY smart but has little imagination or can't relate to kids her own age, they one who didn't is slightly lacking when it comes to tieing shoes, reading, writing etc but is very free spirited, and is great at role playing with other kids.
My mixed feeling are: what's more impartant, giving my child the opportunity to learn to read, write, etc at an earlier age or her social skills????