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OK Mummies,

A few people have asked me about the next meet up, and the short answer is I have NO idea lol.

I have been thinking about what we could do. It would be great if we could do different things rather than just meeting up for picnics in a park somewhere. Not that I am against eating as you all well know(lol), but yeah I just thought that it might be fun if we all got together and tried new things etc.

I don't know if this appeals to any of you, so before I go and start to get stuff organised I thought I should run it by you all. If it turns out that we would all rather just stick to lunches then thats cool.(as Isaid HUGE fan of eating!) Just an idea of what everyone would like me to organise would be a great start.

Lets not leave it too long before we all catch up again. Last time was excellent!

Thanks and hope to hear from you all soon,

Dee and Deccy

Mummy to one big little man!!

i love that idea dee we all just need to get motivated and do it lol grin theres so many nice parks around we just need to organise one that everyone can get to ?huh? then everyone bring food and maybe all go for a walk afterwards great idea dee *puts thumb up


S2-Lois -Adel-DS - 01/03/06-S2

Let all go to Dee's House......HAHA!! tongue .

eìí? DD Haley 2 yrs old eìí?

Hi Dee and all mummy's,

I've been thinking of what we can do too, and I just come up with more picnics.... haha, must be the food attraction.

I wouldn't mind a picnic then a walk somewhere, that way we can eat then burn off the calories...haha

Cathy & Eliza xx

Cathy, NSW, mum to Eliza and Bella

Hi Girls...

I havn't been on here in soooo long...and I prob havn't realy spoken to any of you before...except Dee ( on MSN ) .. But I have arranged a BUBHUB Girls meetup at the river Torrens for anyone who is interested...

It's 10.30am onwards this Friday in The Rotunda Near the Paddle Boats..we are all bringing our own picnic lunches .. rugs etc.. there are a wide range of ages coming in both the Mothers & children..

Would be great if some of you could make it..I do a Monthly meet up on BH so I will post the next ones on here too if noone minds...

Thanks Carley

Carley, SA, Mummy to Miss Milly 16/01/06

Hi all,

I'm really keen to join in,my attempts to organize something have failed dismally,so I give up,only joking! If we can settle on a day and time i'll be there with bells on,I'm happy to help out with the organisation too.
Just a few issues for me with picking kids up from school though,I'll need to leave from where-ever we go in time to pick my boys up,otherwise I am flexible.
From Ang

ang,SA,3 children

Hi For those that dont know me, my name is Olivia and I am a SAHM to Miss Tahlia who is 20 mths old. Was hoping to make it to the next catch up but dont think we will be able to make it as we r very busy House hunting plus we both are not feeling well sad So fingers crossed that us girls can make it to the next catch up!!!! smile Well have lots of fun, I know you all will, looking forward to meeting you all smile
Bye for now...
Olivia (lil) & Miss Tahlia

My email is [email protected] free to drop me a line anytime smile
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