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30+ Adelaide Mums Lock Rss

Just wondering if we have any 30+ Adelaide mums on here.

I am 33 and have two and a half year old twins.

Ali, VIC 5yr old Twins (DD & DS) & 1yr old DS

hi this is charlene. i am nearly 35. when i logged on this morning there was no reply icon coming up on the forums, but our computer has been having problems lately.
i have 2 girls aged nearly 4 (shania) and 7 mths (piper)
i live in craigmore in the northern suburbs and i have just returned to work on as casual basis as a veterinary nurse at northfield vet clinic.
no offence to the younger mums but it is nice to chat to someone around my age.
hoping to chat to you soon

Hi my names Jaz I'm 33 and I have a little girl who's 2 and expecting number 2 in october. Look forward to chatting to you. Do you have an email address?

Hi my names Tracy, I'm 36 (oh so old!!) and have a daughter Emma who turned 3 in March. We are TTC#2. I'm from Paralowie, I work part time (3 days a week). Would love to chat to other Adelaide mums around the same age.

Hey there, i'm 34 and live in Paralowie with my husband and 13 month old son. Feel free to email me at [email protected]

Hi there I'm Karen 39 and live in Wynn Vale with my partner and four children. My email is [email protected] or my msn is [email protected] . Wow I'm the oldest so far (lol) hope to chat soon and maybe we could all meet up

karen ds94 dd96 ds04 ds06

we should try to organise a meetup somewhere for coffee or lunch. it would be great to meet some of the huggies mums.
my email / msn is [email protected]

charlene, shania and piper

Hi my name is Carolyn and I am a 33year old mum of Daniel who is 10months old. I live in the western suburbs.


Hi there. I just fit in this category just turned 30 around Easter. I am a mum of 2 little boys and hopefully be trying for a girl soon. I live in Paralowie.
Hi there. I should have put my email address down [email protected] I would really like to meet other mums and find some new friends for my boys.
HI Girls..

Great to see some 30 + local Mums around!

I'm Bron, 32 (nearly 33) and living in the north, near Craigmore with DP, and our children are 16, 12, 12 and Kedon who is 10 months old smile

Looking forward to chatting to you all more, feel free to add me to MSN at [email protected] for a chat.


My names Kathy, im 34 this year (end of july when bubs is due, lol) i live in Elizabeth North (previously Ingle farm and morphett vale). I have a daughter Amelia who is 2.5 and another on the way due Aug 18 this year

I am an assistant manager on a MSN group called AdelaideYoungMums .. if anyone is interested in joining, please feel free to check out the website smile We have meets, coffee's, games, etc etc (altho is a little quiet atm, but im trying to get people motivated to get out of the house, lol) ... not JUST for people under a certain age but ALL adelaide mums, regardless of how "old" you are wink everyone is welcome /

Look forward to chatting with some of you smile


Kathy, SA, Mum 2 Amelia 24/12/04 & Braiden 23/7/07

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