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Any mums under 20?? Lock Rss

If there is any mums out there under 20 please email me. [email protected]
I'll be 18 in march and my baby is due in june. it would be great to meet new people around canberra that have gone through this experience while they were young
Hope to hear from you all soon!!
Hello, Im a young 18 year old mother from canberra I have 2 year old twins, I wish you the very best of luck with the rest of your pregnacy.
From Jacqui
Hi Jacqui
I would love to have a chat sometime, you can write to me at [email protected] (thats if you have time!)
hey how are you? so tell me alittle about yourself.
his my info i am from erindale and i ahev twins b/g they are 2years 4mths theyare growing up so fast.
im 18 19 in july. i go to erindale college in my final year so yerar 12 yeah thats about it.
from jacqui
I cant really say too much by writing to you like this, please let me know your email addy and i can write to you then and explain why smile
hey my email addy is [email protected]
so contact me as soon as you like
Hi there

I am not under twenty....wish I was. But I know of several young mums groups around Canberra. They generally operate from the youth centres in the local areas. I know of one in Gungahlin, Belconnen and Woden. If you need more information you could call 6201 1043 which is the Community Health Centres no. they would have them all listed I am pretty sure. Or look on They have a search function to find contact details of youth services in your area. Hope this helps. It is worth going and seeing if you like it and a great way to meet other young woman in similar circumstances who can relate to having a baby and just how life changing, tiring and fun it can be.


Mel 21mth girl and bub on way

Dear Allalone,

I am not under twenty. I am 23 but i would love to meet new people and egt together with other mums, no matter what their ages. I will email you and then if you want, you can email back?

Hope to hear from you
Jac and Charli
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