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Single Parent, of one handsome wee man, in Hamilton. Lock Rss

Hi folks grin
My son and i moved to Hamilton recently from Christchurch.
My son was born October 17, 2003.
Id love to hear from other mums doing it solo, too. I dont care about your age (im 31).

man child is growing up too quickly!

I'm 23, and single Mum to Maya Grace 28/02/03. We've been on our own since she was 3 mths old, and I love it! It's so much less stressful than being in a bad relationship.
We live in Auckland. I graduated from uni in April and I'm currently working from home as a writer (I have a book contract)

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

Congrats on your degree Emmy-lou! I checked out your photos, neat!!
Yep, bad relationships suck!
Thanks for your reply smile

man child is growing up too quickly!

Hi there I am also a mum from Hamilton. I am 23 and I live with my Husband and our 2 kids who are Josh(almost 5 years)and Jess(18 months). If you want to add me to your MSN feel free [email protected]

Charlotte, NZ mum of 2

Hi, Im 21yrs, live about an hour drive from Hamilton and have twin boys who have just turned 9mths old today! Im not single but sometimes wish I was! [email protected] if you wanna add me to your msn list.
I am also a single mum of one cute little boy! He was born on 7th February this year. I am keen to keep in contact with other mum's in the area. I occasionally go along to a group called Jives under Fives which is pretty cool, babies get to dance (although my son is a little young, he enjoys watching the other kids!!). If anyone is keen let me know. How do you guys handle being a solo-mum, I find it so hard! My marriage broke up in June this year.

Heather, NZ

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