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Changing ECE Use In Christchurch

If you are interested in participating in research for an article about changing Early Childhood ...

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Sharing Personal Details

Hi there, Just a reminder when sharing personal information, that the Huggies Forum is a means ...

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Any mums in Ohoka/Kaiapoi/Rangiora keen for catch ups and play dates?

I'm a 24 year old Mum, I have an almost 3yo and am expecting a baby in august. living in Oho...

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Any reccomendations for a midwife? Live in Oxford, north Canterbury. This is my second child. Wil...

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Any of the midwives who work out of rangiora hospital are great! I think their group is called your choice midwives? Anyway, they ar...


where do i find a mummy group to join

i know that im not a new mum even tho my daughter is coming up 9 moths this month and i live in s...

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wanting to meet new friends in the christchurch area :)

hi..! my names ash im just wanting to meet some new friends with kids I'm 25 have 3 babies ...

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Hey I have a 10yr old a 9 year old and a 2yr old and one on the way lol got a busy life


Due 2016

Hi there Im a married 26yo Mum of a 4yo girl and pregnant with a boy due June. Always up for meet...

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calling all mummas and pregnant ladies

Hi there, I am a new(ish) step mum to 4 children and 23 weeks pregnant with my first. I don'...

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Hey Amy I'm not from Christchurch. But I'll chat with u. How's being a step mum going? I have a 11 year old a 10year ...



We have a 'Mums in Christchurch' coffe group page, anyone that wants to join, feel free!!

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Hi Charlotte, Your email address keeps bouncing back. I'm really interested in this group. I'm 25, step mum to 4, and ab...


Mums in rangiora

Are there any mums in rangiora?

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Hi, I am also a new (ish) step mum and 22 weeks pregnant with my first child. Don't have any girlfriends in Christchurch and am...



hi im going to be a first time mummy, i was wondering if anyone can recommend a midwife in town?...

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These are really old posts. Im due Sept 2016 can you recommend midwife in West Christchurch thanks


Christchurch - baby due September 2016

Hi, wow this forum is very quiet, but worth a go... anyone due around September, in Christchurch?

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Young Mum wanting to find coffee groups etc

Hi there my name Is Odessa Ellis and on Christmas Eve last year I gave birth to my beautiful son ...

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Hi, My wee one was 18/12/14 Are you still keen on arrange a coffee group?


Avon Rep Mum - If anyone is intereted :)

Hi, I am Ameesha and I am an Avon Representative in the Christchurch area My online Avon store...

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Free Baby Massage Session for Young Mamas

Our breastfeeding group for young mums (under 25 years) is having two special topics this month: ...

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