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Sharing Personal Details Lock

Hi there, Just a reminder when sharing personal information, that the Huggies Forum is a means ...

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Midwife in the Hutt Valley Lock

I am looking for a midwife in the Hutt Valley that will do home visits? Any suggestions?

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Birthworks in Lower Hutt , Jess was my midwife and she is amazing so is Alison absolutely amazing and know what they are doing. Not ...

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Keen to meet others mums in UH??? Lock

Hi there Im a mum with two boys aged 3 and 15months, we moved from Melbourne about a year ago n...

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Any Christian Mums??? Lower/Upper Hutt Lock

Hi there, Looking to connect with other Christian mums who have babies in the lower/Upper Hutt r...

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Looking for a surrogate in Wellington Lock

Hi My husband and I are looking for a gestational surrogate preferably someone who is based in W...

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Did you find one?


How do I change the wireless channel on my Netgear router Lock

If you intend to change the wireless channel on the Netgear router to boost performance, you can ...

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In home care Lock

Hi there, I'm having a baby, due on 16th November. I have been a nanny in the past and am th...

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Hutt Valley Young Mums Lock

Hi, My name is Corrina and I am a volunteer at Vibe in Lower Hutt. We run a group called Chill&#...

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I'm too old for this (just!), but I just wanted to say what an awesome idea that is! I hope heaps of mummas take advantage of t...


Looking for Play group/coffee group in the upper/lower Hutt area Lock

Hi Ladies, I have a 15 month old son Tyler and we've just moved to Wellington from Sydney, as we...

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Hey there! I'm in Upper Hutt with my 2.5yo daughter and I'm currently pregnant with #2 as well. That sounds like quite the...


Mums in Upper Hutt Lock

Hi, i'm a stay at home mum to an 18 month old boy and we're moving to Upper Hutt in Mar...

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It's at the Rimutaka Gym Centre, they have all the details on their website! It's really fun. I'll email you now


Wainuiomata Coffee Group Lock

Coffee group for mum's and mum's to be, based in Wainuiomata. Here's the link to ...

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Hey are you still in Wainui?


Wainuiomata, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt mums please read :) Lock

Hi all, I have just moved to Wainuiomata from Palmerston North, and i don't know anyone here...

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Mums in Upper Hutt?? Lock

I have a 7 month old boy and recently moved to Upper Hutt (Silverstream) from Australia. I am kee...

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We're definitely keen, feel free to message me as well Star-Mumm@ and we can sort something out for sure


Moving to Lower Hutt - Help with Schools and Daycare Lock

Hi We are moving to Lower Hutt and know absolutely nothing about the area. Please Help! We hav...

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:) Lock

It's been so quiet around here guys! What's new with everyone?

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That all sounds interesting/funny/fun all in one Zinkles - I take my hat off to anyone who has more then 1 child lol. Even though th...


Newborn photos Lock

Can anyone recommend a newborn photographer? and one that is not so expensive...

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Brainwave Trust Talk in Wellington Lock

Hi there, I'm organising a talk by the Brainwave Trust about early brai...

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Stokes Valley Mums keen for play date? Lock

Hi everyone, I recently moved to Stokes Valley with my husband and 2 daughters, 3years and 8month...

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Hi Alunandshannonmaich. I have a 10 month old daughter and we live in Upper Hutt, not too far from Stokes Valley. I was in your posi...


weekend Baby Groups Lock

Hi, I've just returned to work and have a 5 month old son. While i was off, we did alot of b...

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Where abouts in Wellington are you based Springtides?


Pregnancy exercise in Welly? Lock

Hi all! I'm Mum to one 6yo at HVS and am pregnant, due in October and I'm really really...

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Lonely professional mum Lock

Hi all. I have been in Wellington for just over 2yrs. Being a fulltime single parent and working...

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Cute picture of you both. Does your daughter go to daycare or a carer? I can imagine it must be hard to meet people. We are free dur...


totara park mummies??? Lock

hi, i live in totara park, upper hutt with Kadin who is 6 months old now!! wow time flies!! Anywa...

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Awesome! See you then. Hopefully I spot the right person haha.


Keen to meet other mummas! Lock

Heya! I have a 5 week old son and I am pretty keen to start getting out and meeting some other ne...

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Anytime! Good luck


Wellington Mums! :) Lock

Hi guys! I thought that I'd try my luck and post on here.. I'm 22 years old and 14+1...

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Followed you back and sent you a message!

Blue Skye's

1st Time Mum-to-be needs to socialise more in Wellington Lock

I need to meet new people... And I feel like I'm posting an online dating service. In away I...

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Hi there Blue Skyes. You're definitely not alone hun! I'm 38 too, and have just found out I'm pregnant, and am expect...


Hutt mums? Lock

I'm moving down to Upper Hutt this month with my 5 week old daughter and would love to know ...

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I have to bloody follow you before I can pm you so here is my number again, ill just take it off after.


Coffee groups/Play groups? Lock

Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone knows of any good play or coffee groups in the Hutt Valley are...

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there is sooo many, plunket have a great list of them if u ask. the library is always a good place to start as its free and all the ...


Wellington Coffee Group Lock

Are there any mums out there that are looking for a coffee group. Looking to start one up but s...

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Hi Tabatha! Went to my first Plunket coffee group today, went pretty good Where abouts in the city are you? I still need to venture...


Coffee Group Lock

Hi there, First time mum and with a 9 month old and work full time so I miss out on a lot of the...

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Young mums Lock

Just turned 23 and have a 10 month old daughter. Dont have a lot of friends anymore and am lookin...

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I'm 23 with a 5 week old daughter and we're moving to Upper Hutt this month, won't know anyone down there! Would be k...


New to Wellington Lock

Hi there, I have recently moved to Wellington and are looking to join a coffee group or meet oth...

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The Big Latch On 2012 Lock

Happy World Breastfeeding Week everyone!!! What are you doing to celebrate? Are you taking part ...

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on 2mara! checkout the link for your nearest venue lots of fun and meet new people


older single parents/coffee group? teen children Lock

hi there i am wondering if there are any coffee groups type thing based in lower hutt at all for ...

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Mum Of 3 Cuties wrote: Not sure about coffee groups but you could enquire if the school he attends has a PTA you could join. Maybe ...


any mummy look for new friends Lock

hi there i am in waikanae i don't have a lot of friend so i thou i would post on here my name i...

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hey emma, I live out in the hutt and have a almost 2 year old girl.


Request for recommendations of daycare centres in Wellington CBD Lock

My husband and I would love to hear any recommendations of really good daycare centres / provider...

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Looking for a pregnant woman in wellington who is willing to help me with my case study for first year nursing Lock

To all you awesome pregnant Mother's out there, I am a first year nursing student and doing...

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Mum's meet up Wellington or Lower Hutt Lock

Hey, there is a new meet up group at La Bella Italia in Petone. Your child will be looked after ...

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Mums In Kapiti Coast? Lock

Hi, just moved to the area, is there any mums here that would be keen to meet up? I'm In parapa...

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mum new to the kapiti coast wanting to meet other mums Lock

Hi i'm Kristie-Lou, i'm 25 yrs old.... i just moved to Waikanae in Dec and haven't met too many o...

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hi - i realise this thread is old, I'm new to huggies! and I'm looking for mums in kapiti coast. Hopefully you see this lol, and l...


Nanny Share Family Wanted - Khandallah Lock

We have an amazing qualified nanny to care for our two children, and we are looking for another c...

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