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looking to catch up with anyone from around these areas for coffee or maccas?


Hey there I live in Richmond email me at
[email protected]

always keen to meet new mums!!!
Love Kel and Kenzie xoxoxox

where abouts are you

Mckenzie Cate 28/7/04 & Lexi Breanne 10/5/07

hi im a mum of 2. son almost 5 this month and daughter who is 6months old. we are moving to Blenheim this month from Dunedin and dont know any mums up there. tho i ave meet 2 on another site im keen on meeting more. All my family and friends r here in dunedin so its gonna b hard to leave them behind. My hubby is already up in Blenheim as he started work up ther bout 2wks ago. we are just waiting on a house to move in2. hubby is stayin with his brother at the mo. We may have a house in Renwick so right now its a waiting game. So missin hubby/daddy rite now!
Anyway so if i can meet some new friends up there it probly wil make us feel less homesick! look fwd to hearing from yas real soon!

mumof2 1boy1girl

Hi shacal, Im in Blenheim. I live in witherlea, Thats by the wither hills if you are not sure. What made you move up here form dunners?

Hi NZGirl
Still waiting on a house up there so we are still in Dunners.
My husband is already up there working. We are moving up for better money as we are just making it week to week and if we want to own our own home oneday we gotta go where the money is. We have looked at some houses in Witherlea. We are now looking 4 rentals so if u know of anything then let me know. hubby is also looking.

mumof2 1boy1girl

No sorry i dont know of any rentals, But witherlea is a really good area. The schoolis very good too. Also Springlands in another area worth concidering and the school there is also really good too.
Good luck!

Well we made it! But we ended up in Rarangi!
How did u get tht girl????

mumof2 1boy1girl

hey im a young mum who needs to make some more friends over here!!! i moved over when i was preg and withdrew from everything cos i didnt no any1, now i have a 8 month old and i live in seddon and only know a few people. i use to be really out going and social but i now find it difficult to meet people. i may be young (20) but most of my friends seem to be older than me. i use to live in nelson and before that golden bay. if you can find the time give me an email [email protected]

Hey Kittykat! Im likely moving to Blenheim in two weeks and my partner is looking at places in Seddon! Ive got a 10 month old so would love to make some mates down there (in Wellington at mo) Matts down there already so starting to meet new people but im not gonna know anyone sad
[email protected]


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