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Hi to all parents of twins or more

just wanted to let you all know I came across this site, well I was told about it from my cousin, its not a business, just a group for parents of twins and more to join to get to gether and talk about raising twins
Every now and then my twins remind me of the piece of music called "duelling banjos" (I think that's what its called). It can be laughing or babble or cranks. One will start a short burst, then the other will reply a little longer and/or louder and it goes on back and forth until they are overlapping until they are finally a duet at full roar.

Robynne-69 DH-61 DS1-94 DD1-96 DS2-99 DS3&DD2-04

Hi to you all,

I have a 13 month old daughter and am 24 weeks with pregnant with b/g twins. They are due on 9/5/06.

I love reading your stories on how you cope with twins or more cause i am really stressing how i am going to cope with 3 children under 15 months.

Hope you are allwell.
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