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phm replied to topic Fed up, i'm quitting breastfeeding

Its your baby mate. Do whatever you feel is best.

Tuesday 22 January 03:58pm

phm replied to topic HITTING

Does he realise that it hurts? My youngest was a hitter - until i got fed up one day when he hit me across the face (man it stung!) when he was in the bath so i slapped him across his bare bum - h...

Tuesday 20 November 04:45am

phm replied to topic if you pass away

The kids god-mother. She is the only person i trust other than my mum. Mum is getting older now tho so she would provide financial and emotional support but god-mum would do the raising.

Monday 19 November 03:46pm

phm replied to topic How to deal with Baby & Dogs

My dogs were here before my kids and each child just slotted into our family. My dogs still live inside and out, just the same as they always have. I wouldn't feel insecure - your baby will just ...

Monday 19 November 03:43pm

phm replied to topic Child Health Nurse...uuurrrggghhh!

Im a nurse too. In situations where you can find the answer, then sure, 'I dont know but will find out' is fine. but with babies, who you only see once every 2-4 weeks? What would you say if you...

Friday 02 November 04:50pm

phm replied to topic Child Health Nurse...uuurrrggghhh!

Im gonna go against the gain and be defensive of the CHN here. Your baby (or any baby for that matter - unfortunately) doesnt come with a instruction manual. She doesnt know when he is gonna do t...

Friday 02 November 03:27pm

phm replied to topic Discussion - Herbert Erickson

Tigress'n'Cub wrote: Skubala wrote: Wouldn't it be far less traumatic if a nurse or a doctor could administer a lethal injection and provide adequate pain relief, and allow him to hold her hand and...

Thursday 01 November 02:59pm

phm replied to topic Discussion - Herbert Erickson

He should not go to prison. He was only doing what his wife asked him to do. I applaud his selflessness is doing a very tough thing, but loving his wife enough to honor her wishes.

Thursday 01 November 02:53pm

phm replied to topic Where do strangers get off telling me what is wrong with my son?

hahaha why even bother getting upset? I learnt very early on to 'smile and nod' - then move away. Some people are just idiots and should be left to play by themselves

Saturday 27 October 07:10pm

phm replied to topic Have you ever split over split finances?haha

HappiestWomanOnEarth wrote: I guess this might be what I pretty much will have to do, for now. I do feel so ripped off. I feel like I've taken on all the responsibilities of a wife with none of t...

Saturday 27 October 05:52pm

phm replied to topic Hi girls

I dont know about you guys, but i am a firm believer in the saying "It takes a village to raise a baby". Is your mum or MIL or someone you trust around to look after baby while you go out and do s...

Saturday 27 October 09:31am

phm replied to topic waxing down "there"

Athaye wrote: Not me! I don't wax down there at all - I get too much irritation, so I'm a shaver, and that would be one hell of a job to upkeep for me. tongue Im the opposite from you. Shaving i...

Friday 26 October 03:51pm

phm replied to topic Weirdest mummy moments??

Mine is when my son was a baby i had finished breastfeeding him and was about to pull him to my shoulder to brup him and he power spewed down my top and it pooled in my knickers. not pleasant at a...

Friday 26 October 03:34pm

phm replied to topic Breastfeeding and weight loss

I wish i lost weight when breastfeeding!

Monday 22 October 04:12pm

phm replied to topic So sick of

saywhat? wrote: I think you should probably not look at it from such a personal point of view, not everyone was raised exactly as you were therefor it wouldn't offend everyone, some kids may have...

Monday 22 October 04:11pm

phm replied to topic they told me it would be easy...

I really hate it when they lie. If they just said "Look, its gonna hurt like a bastard for a few weeks, then once your nerve ending in your nipples die, it will be fine." If they just said that, ...

Thursday 18 October 02:33pm

phm replied to topic JUST ASK ME ALREADY!!!!!

Hahahaha marriage proposals are so not the hugely romantic thing that you read about for everyone. The day my hubby was trying to propose to me i told him to f**k off several times because i was r...

Wednesday 10 October 04:51am

phm replied to topic missing thread?

I noticed it had gone too. Start another one. How you doing? any better?

Friday 05 October 03:42pm

phm replied to topic Help for a late diagnosis of PCOS, on Metformin

Hi there and welcome to the crappy world of having PCOS. The reason you periods started going haywire once you stopped the pill is because now your body doesnt have help to regulate everything. I...

Friday 05 October 04:18am

phm started new topic game

1.vegimite? - pantry 2.honey? - pantry 3.sauce? - fridge 4.bread? - pantry 5.apples? - fruit bowl 6.eggs? - fridge 7.lemons? - fruit bowl 8.bananas? - fridge 9.cordial? - dont have any 10.margarine...

Thursday 04 October 02:45pm
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