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AP Mamma

AP Mamma started new topic Advice Please

Hi mums. Have a query: DS3 was born via emergency C section 7 weeks ago. Complications led to infection in wound tissue. Had to stop breastfeeding. Milk has dried up & I have my first period po...

Wednesday 22 August 02:17pm
AP Mamma

AP Mamma started new topic Baby Shower for second baby. Thoughts?

Hi all, my first baby shower was lovely but it was also a bit ridiculous. My sisters who don't get along that well tried to outdo each other. My simple food suggestions & games didn't...

Saturday 01 November 10:01am
AP Mamma

AP Mamma replied to topic Over Sensitive 5 year old = Emotionally drained mum

I do hope that the psychologist is helping your daughter's anxiety and emotional development. There is plenty of evidence and research to support exactly what your concerns are here - the emo...

Sunday 06 October 06:06pm
AP Mamma
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