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lyn-eb replied to topic To wrap or not to wrap!

Hi, I have a 4mth old that gets all tangled during his day sleeps but stays still most nights. I have tried to put him down unwrapped but he just screams. I would like to give you advice but I need...

Wednesday 17 October 02:48am

lyn-eb started new topic Routine Ultrasound Placental positions

When I had my first baby on my Marernity records my 18 week ultrasound says Anterior and with this baby it is Posterior. Is this the baby or the placenta and is one better that the other. I figur...

Thursday 01 February 10:35am

lyn-eb started new topic How to get him to communicate??

My son is nearly 2 1/2 and we are expecting in 18 weeks, I would like him toilet trained before the next one comes along. A few months ago he was doing great wee and poo in the toilet and now he w...

Wednesday 31 January 05:22am

lyn-eb started new topic Getting 2yr old to stay in bed at night

My son has a day sleep but I dont let him sleep past 3.30pm. We have a routine at night of dinner, bath, story in bed and leave the room. This has been great for 3 months no problems. Now he has...

Sunday 24 September 01:37pm

lyn-eb started new topic Medical Book

Im looking for a medical book that is up to date and not to complicated but precice and informative. Have looked around but had no luck, do you have any suggestions for me? =

Saturday 05 August 12:59pm

lyn-eb started new topic 18mths & wont settle for day sleep

My son sleeps well at night and resettles himself if he wakes. During the day he only wants 1 sleep of 20 mins to 2 hours. After 20 mins I go in and try to resettle him but he eventually gets int...

Saturday 11 March 09:00am
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