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tamsyn replied to topic COULD SHE BE ALLERGIC...................

I doubt it's an allergy but I'd be inclined to wait a bit. I recommend waiting til about 8 months for dairy, their little tummies are a bit more resilient by then. They don't need the yoghurt yet...

Tuesday 25 July 04:58pm

tamsyn replied to topic Introducing solids

Hi there, I would definitely hold off on the solids if your baby girl is not interested. It is not worth it if she doesn't enjoy the experience. My baby has only recently in the last 3 weeks star...

Saturday 03 June 06:01am

tamsyn started new topic Standing in cot

I would almost guarantee this has already be posted but please help! My 8 month old stands in her cot and cries and cries. She was settling herself well to go to sleep but now stands and can't ge...

Friday 02 June 05:01am

tamsyn replied to topic Activities for a 6 month old

My daughter is 6 months also...she loves anything that makes a noise. I filled a drink bottle with some buttons and she loves to shake and roll it. She also loves to sit in her high chair and I pu...

Tuesday 04 April 10:38am

tamsyn replied to topic Wrapping - Unwrapping

Hey, I am in exactly the same boat. My 4 month old has been wrapped since day one too and we live in a hot apartment. She can't sleep unwrapped and lies awake "chatting" until I tuck her arms in....

Wednesday 18 January 12:42pm

tamsyn replied to topic International flights with babies - any advice?

Hi there, make sure you ring the airline now and request the bulk head with a bassinet so that they allocate you those seats. Also request baby meals too! You'll probably find that your baby will ...

Thursday 05 January 02:03pm

tamsyn replied to topic Sleep aerobics

I just chuckled at your post as I read through it! My baby is nearly 4 months and does precisely the same thing. She is in her own room but I can hear her and have watched her performing some craz...

Wednesday 04 January 08:49am

tamsyn started new topic Daytime sleeps

Hi there, Just wondering if anyone has any good tips about putting baby to bed. Morgan is 15 weeks and has taken to screaming every time she goes in her cot. She eventually goes to sleep after me...

Tuesday 20 December 11:30am
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