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Mo0 started new topic Need Ideas to get my 14month old talking...

So i keep being told my son should be speaking by now, he says Mum, brum brum (car) and recognises quite a lot, like i can ask him to find something and he will go off to find it, i talk and point ...

Monday 15 September 02:52pm

Mo0 replied to topic Sleep consultant help

Hey I used this website, for a small fee she will give you advice as well. i think it was $12.00

Friday 12 September 05:08pm

Mo0 replied to topic Caesarean Birth

I had an emergency c section and it was painful afterwards kinda a burny hot sensation where the surgical site is. But the best thing was to get up have a shower, walk with good posture and just ge...

Saturday 19 July 10:52am

Mo0 replied to topic introduce ourselves to everyone :)

Im Moo I have a son who is 1 on Monday And three fur babies, 2x Staffordshire bull terriers and an old moggy (11yrs old!)

Thursday 03 July 03:19pm

Mo0 replied to topic scared small bump

I was the same. But my midwife sent me for growth scans over two weeks because i was looking and measuring small. The guy doing the scan just laughed and said hes in the 95th percentile for weight ...

Thursday 26 June 02:18pm

Mo0 replied to topic Baby wearing and carrier choices.

I had a Manduca and I loved it, He would fall asleep in there while I did house work Was really comfy with the big padded straps and wide belt strap or whatever you call it. I had a c section so d...

Friday 20 June 12:55pm

Mo0 started new topic 1st Birthday in 2weeks!!!

So my wee ones birthday is in 2weeks and he will be the BIG 1!! AHHH lol its gone so quick! We just want to have a lunch with close family. We recently had to move and are very strapped for cash, ...

Tuesday 17 June 12:32pm

Mo0 replied to topic Ideas to clear a baby's stuff nose?

Eggh haha i couldnt do it myself, i can handle poop explosions, vomit any other bodily fluids but boogers lol my partner did the sucker thing but once wee bub figured out what was going on he would...

Monday 09 June 06:02pm

Mo0 replied to topic when to finish work?

I worked two jobs while i was pregnant one at a cattery up until 20 something weeks and a video shop up untill i was 37weeks. (i had him at 39weeks) There was lots of bending down and up on ladders...

Monday 09 June 05:59pm

Mo0 replied to topic Ideas to clear a baby's stuff nose?

We used Kiwiherb too its brilliant stuff and i brought our wee one into the bathroom when i had my shower . the nose suckers work good too if you can see the boogers etc but my wee one hated it

Monday 09 June 05:50pm

Mo0 replied to topic Help Command Wall hanging strips

No i havnt even got to that stage yet. I need to get the picture detached from it first to be able to pull the strip. but everytime i pull the picture it starts ripping the paint not separating the...

Tuesday 27 May 05:17pm

Mo0 started new topic Help Command Wall hanging strips

We have been told we need to move out of this rental and i am trying to remove these letters we stuck on the wall in our sons room. we stuck them on using the command strips. now it says on the ins...

Tuesday 27 May 12:07pm

Mo0 started new topic What was the age of your child when they went down to one nap?

My wee one is 10months and has only had two naps for quite some time but he sleeps all night from 6.30pm till 8-9am so i wasnt worried but now hes refusing his morning nap, just cries and cries its...

Friday 09 May 09:00am

Mo0 replied to topic Tough week, what to do...

Just building on what Mimsy said what about taking something to daycare that smells of you?

Wednesday 09 April 05:56pm

Mo0 replied to topic 3 month old won't daytime nap

i have this problem and have done since he was born hes now 9months lol He slept better on me so i would carry him in a carrier when i noticed him getting tired then he would fall asleep and i coul...

Tuesday 08 April 08:16pm

Mo0 replied to topic How forgetful are you??

Im super forgetful too. Plus my Mum left me at a shop once when i was like 10 she said she got halfway home and remembered she had taken me with her lol though she didnt tell me this till just rece...

Tuesday 08 April 08:11pm

Mo0 started new topic 1st birthday...What to do?!?

Im not sure what to do for my sons first birthday?? Some people say to do big because its their first but who would i invite to make it big? lol He will only be one and doesnt have any baby friend...

Wednesday 02 April 06:16pm

Mo0 replied to topic Bored - too many old topics!

we have had the sickness in this house too, except its lasted 3weeks on and off And now he has a red rash thats spreading over his trunk, so off to the doctors we go

Tuesday 25 March 09:57am

Mo0 started new topic Where can i get a cheap full cot bumper from?

I'm trying to find a cheap one but we have a small cot so its been difficult

Monday 10 March 06:07pm

Mo0 replied to topic Cookware what brand is the best?

Ahh I have a huge problem with all our kitchen gear. My DP is a chef and is soo rough with all of it, we are buying pots and pans every 6months or so. thats what it feels like anyway. Has anyone us...

Monday 10 March 05:04pm
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