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genat replied to topic Mushrooms as finger food

Hi Amber, I gave my daughter cooked mushrooms a few nights ago and she loved them, my husband and I were having a stir fry and I just picked a few out for her.

Wednesday 07 February 01:43pm

genat replied to topic What Bread do you use??

Thanks Everyone, I was originally giving my Daughter Wholemeal but over the last day or so I started giving her multigrain she didn't object and hasn't had any reactions so I think it's multigrain...

Sunday 07 January 06:39pm

genat started new topic What Bread do you use??

Hi, I've just started giving my 8 month old bread and i'm not sure what sort I should be using. My DH and I eat multigrain bread is this okay to give to my DD as well?? Thanks

Friday 05 January 02:46pm

genat replied to topic Safe T Sleep Wrap

Thanks everyone for your input, I ended up buying one off ebay and so far it has been really good. We went away for the weekend to visit my parents and for the first time she settled really well t...

Tuesday 28 November 07:47am

genat started new topic Safe T Sleep Wrap

Hi, I've been looking into purchasing a Safe T Sleep to possibly stop my 7 month old DD from moving all over the cot at night, my question is do they actually work???? I've also read that you nee...

Wednesday 22 November 07:38am

genat replied to topic baby car seats...when to turn around??

I'm about to turn my DD around, I spoke to my CHN and the company who I hired our capsule from and they both said that she's ready to turn. My DD is 8kgs and 70.5cms.

Friday 15 September 04:12pm

genat started new topic Security Blankets

My MIL has just brought our DD a 'Taggie', it's very cute and she seems to like it but I'm worried about her becoming too attached to it. Do all babies end up with some sort of 'Security Blanket'?...

Wednesday 13 September 04:04pm

genat replied to topic From bassinett to a cot.....

Hi Jacqui, I had the same problem with my daughter, what I did was to put the bassinett inside the cot for a few days and then I took the bassinett away and she was happy to sleep in her cot, work...

Friday 18 August 03:18am

genat replied to topic Karicare Anti-Refulux formula does it work

My Daughter is on the S26 AR formula, she wasn't throwing up but would scream after drinking her bottle, the doctor suggested that I put her on the S26 formula and it has worked wonders. The diffe...

Tuesday 01 August 08:39am

genat replied to topic Formula from day one

I had decided before I had my DD that I didn't want to breastfeed, numerous reasons. I went to hospital with my bottles and formula and am so glad I made the decision to bottle feed, I spent the f...

Wednesday 26 July 09:21am

genat replied to topic Crystals from Nappy

Thanks everyone, I know that they don't harm her but they are just really annoying, hopefully the next lot that I buy are better

Monday 24 July 09:54am

genat started new topic Steelcraft Profile Stroller

Hi, I'm looking at buying a Steelcraft Profile stroller for my 3month old to use when going to the shops, I have a 3 wheeler for walking etc, and I was wondering if anyone has one of these and thou...

Sunday 23 July 04:26pm

genat started new topic Crystals from Nappy

Hi, My DD has just moved up to the huggies crawlers and am finding that every time I change her she has the crystals from the nappy all over her, this has never happened to us before with the huggi...

Thursday 20 July 07:54am


Hi, If your in Sydney there's a place in Castle Hill that you can get them from, you can either buy online or directly from the warehouse the website is I paid about $34 for...

Friday 07 July 11:27am

genat started new topic From Basinette to Cot

Hi All... My little girl is getting to big for her basinette and I'm going to need to put her in her cot very soon. At the moment she sleeps in our room in her basinette but for the last few days ...

Wednesday 28 June 10:43am

genat replied to topic Transfusion

I had to have a transfusion, I lost a huge amount of blood and am very lucky to be sitting here today. I understand exactly how you feel, some days are great others are crappy.... Just go with it...

Monday 26 June 06:37am

genat started new topic How do you administer mylanta??

I've been advised to give my DD some Mylanta for mild reflux, I've tried to give it to her straight via dropper she doesn't seem to like this, don't blame her really cause it does taste awful. I w...

Wednesday 14 June 07:21am

genat replied to topic what s a great music for baby when not setted down

I find that my little girl is happy to just listen to the radio or some nursery rhymes.

Thursday 08 June 12:44pm

genat replied to topic Heinz Nurture

I use the Heinz Nurture for my DD, I swaped her to Karicare a few weeks ago and that didn't agree with her so we have gone back to Heinz and she's a happy camper and so are we cause it's heaps chea...

Wednesday 31 May 05:26am

genat replied to topic Avent bottles

Hi Amber, I use the Avent as well and find that they leak when I'm shaking them to mix the formula, I've learnt to hold a tea towel around them when shaking otherwise I end up with milk spots all o...

Wednesday 31 May 05:11am
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