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CB1C4D started new topic Baby led weaning

Has abyone tried baby led weaning when introducing solids? I am just wondering how it went and if you had any issues or concerns with how it went, Thanks

Wednesday 04 August 05:01am

CB1C4D started new topic Valco Runabout pram with toddler skateboard???

Hi, number 1 is 3 and number 2 will be here in a few weeks, I am just wondering if anyone has used a toddler skateboard with a Valco runabout Deluxe pram. If so would you recommend it and what bran...

Tuesday 23 February 01:13pm

CB1C4D replied to topic Bedtime battle with 3yr old

Sorry I can't really offer any help but we are having exactly the same problem. She turned three on October 5th (and we are expecting number 2 April 10th!)She gave up her dummy about 3 weeks ago an...

Friday 23 October 06:38pm

CB1C4D started new topic Another one

My EDC is 09/04/2010, this is number 2, number one will be 3 this October and I am sure she will be very excited to become a big sister - we won't be telling her for a while though. Even though it'...

Wednesday 05 August 01:40pm

CB1C4D started new topic Dislike of the bath

My 22 month old girl has always loved her bath. About 2 weeks ago from one day to the next her bath love turned into bath hate. It is now a complete stressor to her to put her in the bath. She cry'...

Wednesday 20 August 05:58pm

CB1C4D started new topic Biting

My 16 month has just started biting, it started out just as Mum and Dad, however now she has bitten one other child. She is struggling through getting her eye teeth - and I wonder if this, a little...

Wednesday 06 February 12:43pm

CB1C4D started new topic Waking at night

My 7.5 month old girl is overall a very good sleeper, she has 3 fairly good sleeps during the day and settles herself to sleep with a dummy and a soft doll which she has had in bed since 4 months (...

Thursday 24 May 06:23am
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