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LET76 replied to topic Feeling bad

I know how you feel. Even after having 2 IVF babies i still find it frustrating when people make those comments.

Tuesday 11 November 09:25am

LET76 replied to topic Parenting and work

I know how you feel. I went back to work full time last year and my son was in day care 5 days per week. I felt terribly guilty but I think no matter what us mothers do we will feel guilty. I am no...

Monday 21 April 07:13pm

LET76 replied to topic Vitamins

I give my son Pentavite multivitamins. It comes in liquid form and can be taken from 12mths of age. He loves taking it and I use it as an insurance policy because I ant be sure he is getting the ri...

Sunday 20 April 04:17pm

LET76 replied to topic mods

I agree. It takes courage for some to post a question so to have it ignored because of spam would be annoying.

Thursday 03 April 04:23am

LET76 replied to topic Nervous

You are one step closer. Good luck. So worth it. Trust me.

Tuesday 25 March 09:35pm

LET76 replied to topic terrible twos, don't think so! Terrible threes more like it!

I have the exact same problems with my 3 yr old DS1. I hate going out in public because I don't know what he is going to be like but I don't want to also be restricted to staying at home....

Friday 21 March 02:10am

LET76 replied to topic Cristina likes Axel, Seth or Samuel. What do you think?

I have a Samuel. We call him Sam and love the name.

Tuesday 18 March 09:08pm

LET76 replied to topic Complete Placenta Previa (or low lying)

I had complete placenta previa (grade 4). I had 3 bleeds at 28 wks, 35 wks and 37 wks. I ended up having emergency cesarean at 37wks but am now blessed with a lovely, relaxed baby. The not knowing ...

Tuesday 11 March 02:20pm

LET76 replied to topic What can I do to conceive Baby #2 whilst still breastfeeding on demand?

Oro, I completely understand your predicament. I did not get AF until DS1 was 16 mths old. I too was feeding on demand but by that stage just morning and night. I wanted to start trying for another...

Friday 07 March 08:13am

LET76 replied to topic Stupid hormones!

My DS2 is only 6 weeks old and I want to have another one! I thought it would pass but still keep thinking I would like another baby. Then this afternoon DS1 drove me crazy but it did not change my...

Sunday 02 March 10:19pm

LET76 replied to topic Cloth or Disposable Nappies ?

Cloth works out to be more cost effective in the long run. I always use a disposable nappy at night but cloth every other time. Also if you plan to use the cloth nappies for more than one child you...

Saturday 01 March 12:20pm

LET76 replied to topic 80s baby

Oops, I meanest to write Misskel, not missile!

Saturday 01 March 06:50am

LET76 replied to topic 80s baby

Missile I know exactly how you feel. I always thought I would stop at 2 but I can't stop thinking there is 1 more left in me. I will be 38 this year and keep telling myself there are plenty of...

Saturday 01 March 06:48am

LET76 replied to topic Losing my baby twice ............

Oh you poor girl. That is so stressful. I can't offer advice but hang in there. Fingers crossed and good luck. Xx

Friday 28 February 01:14am

LET76 started new topic When did you periods return after birth of 2nd baby compared to the 1st baby?

Hi, I am curious to know if it will take the same length of time for my periods to return 2nd time round. After DS1 it took 16 mths to get my periods. Just wondering if it will take that long afte...

Thursday 27 February 08:10am

LET76 replied to topic dummys!

My 3 yr old also has a dummy. He sees his baby brother with the dummy then wants a dummy for himself. It drives me crazy but I was thinking maybe Easter is the time to give it up. Perhaps the Easte...

Thursday 27 February 08:00am

LET76 replied to topic Did your father give you away?

My dad gave me away and I am so pleased he was there. Since he passed away he has missed out on meeting my children so I am glad he played a role in our wedding.

Tuesday 25 February 08:40pm

LET76 replied to topic FS ivf

My advice is, don't be daunted. IVF is an amazing opportunity for those of us who once would not have had the opportunity to have kids. I have 2 boys from IVF and did 3 rounds. It can't b...

Tuesday 25 February 08:37pm

LET76 replied to topic Nuchal scan - questions

There is no risk what so ever having a nuchal translucency scan. If the scan, combined with your blood test shows an increased chance of baby having Downs Syndrome then you are offered a CVS. Chr...

Monday 24 February 07:18pm

LET76 replied to topic Naughty Jacko!

Having 3 boys is a perfect reason to get a puppy. They will keep each other entertained.

Monday 24 February 01:44pm
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