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***Natasha*** replied to topic Bed time issues with 3 1/2 year old

Is he still napping? What time is he going to bed and getting up in the morning?

Saturday 03 October 07:09am

***Natasha*** replied to topic my 3 year old wont sleep

Does she still have a daytime nap?What time are you putting her down to sleep?

Saturday 03 October 07:07am

***Natasha*** replied to topic Help with Tummy Sleeping

After trying everything to keep my DD2 swaddled and not get to hot in desperation put her on her tummy to sleep and have never looked back. Her head control has always been great so wasn't that con...

Tuesday 20 May 10:30am

***Natasha*** replied to topic Dropping feeds

My 6month old does: 7.30am - Bottle 200mls 8.15am - Breakfast 11.15am - Bottle 150mls 12.15pm - Lunch 3.30pm - Bottle 200mls 5.30pm - Dinner 6.30pm - Bottle 200mls [Edited on 11/04/2008]

Saturday 12 April 06:23am

***Natasha*** replied to topic How Many Bottles

My DD2 is 6months and has 3/200mls and 1x150mls a day and 3 solid meals. By 6months you generally have 4feeds a day and are in the process of weining the DF.

Saturday 12 April 06:19am

***Natasha*** replied to topic Down to 2 day sleeps...?

My DD2 has been fighting her catnap off and on for a month so a few weeks ago i stopped it and extended her afternoon nap. She now does 1.5hrs at 9.30am and 2.5hrs at 1pm and 12hrs at night.

Saturday 12 April 06:14am

***Natasha*** replied to topic How many naps at 5months?

So yesterday i let her go for her afternoon nap and she slept till 3.15pm then bed at 6.45pm and it was great so i will try and do: 7am - Wake Bottle 8am - Breakfast 9am - Sleep 1.5hrs 11.15am - B...

Sunday 23 March 06:09am

***Natasha*** started new topic Dropping to 3 bottles?

So my first DD dropped to 3 bottles at 5.5months and i think this one is not far behind. Just wondering when your LO's dropped to 3 bottles?

Friday 21 March 08:32am

***Natasha*** started new topic How many naps at 5months?

My DD2 is a fantastic sleeper but lately has been refusing her late afternoon nap. So i want to cut it out so she is only having a morning and afternoon nap. HOWEVER i want both my girls to go down...

Friday 21 March 08:01am

***Natasha*** replied to topic dummy?

Ok before having my first DD i was totally against dummies as i hate seeing older kids walking around with them. However after many hours of screaming one night from her i gave her a dummy and she ...

Thursday 22 November 11:00am

***Natasha*** replied to topic What methods do you use to gently settle your baby into sleep?

I don't believe it CIO especially for a newborn it can cause many problems later on. I wrap my DD (3.5wks old) and put her down and leave. If she is whinging i leave her but if it turns into a cry ...

Monday 12 November 12:24pm

***Natasha*** replied to topic Surely under 2 is too young for no more day sleep?!?!?

What time are yu putting her down? She may be overtired and not able to fall asleep. How long does she sleep at night? My DD is 2 next week and still has a 2hr nap and 11/11.5hrs overnight. She is ...

Thursday 02 August 03:31pm

***Natasha*** started new topic Sucessfully Breastfeeding 2nd time around

So i wasn't successful breastfeeding my DD for 2 reason: 1. She wouldn't attach after 24hrs i tried for 2 weeks with no luck. 2. My milk didn't come in until day 8 and their wasn't that much and i...

Thursday 22 February 07:08pm

***Natasha*** replied to topic when to go to oneday sleep?

My DD went to 1 sleep at 11.5months early i know but it worked and the major sign was her taking a long time to go to sleep for her PM nap or just refusing to take it. She has always been able to h...

Wednesday 01 November 10:06am

***Natasha*** replied to topic Sleeping during the day

How long is he awake between sleeps including his feed? Short napss is usually caused by being overtired or not tired enough for a long sleep. My DD also suffered with reflux and when it was at its...

Saturday 28 October 12:05pm

***Natasha*** replied to topic New House, 5am start.....

Is her new room lighter than her old one? The sun is rising early at the moment around 5.30am so perhaps that is it.

Saturday 28 October 11:59am

***Natasha*** replied to topic Milk and meat for 15 months

At this age the calcium intake is 500-600mls of milk,piece of cheese (cheese slice quantity) and a tub of yoghurt so it sounds like your LO is doing great. As for meat have you tried fish or tuna? ...

Saturday 28 October 11:46am

***Natasha*** started new topic Cereal for 15months+

My DD was having weetbix and porriage on alternative days for breakfast but seems to be off weetbix at the moment. Since it is coming up to summer i want to introduce her to some other cereals for ...

Thursday 26 October 09:33am

***Natasha*** replied to topic Baby sleeping too long

I just wanted to let you know that my DD slept 10hrs straight from 6weeks old and at 3months until now at 14months sleeps 12hrs at night.

Tuesday 24 October 08:48am

***Natasha*** replied to topic Drinking milk from a cup

My DD was drinking water from a cup since starting solids. Then at 8months she went through a bit of a milk strike so to engourage her to drink her milk i started giving her some in her cup with me...

Tuesday 17 October 02:10am
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