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karlie replied to topic Am I emotionally abusing my child

I am impressed you are being soooooo honest!! Look, we all say things we shouldn't... but as all mums know ,it can be very frustrating with toddlers! I think you have already recognised what you ar...

Friday 19 December 01:32pm

karlie started new topic toddler modelling ??

hi, my son is 3 1/2.. he has just been accepted into bettina modelling agency.. he is supposed to have a photoshoot on fri and registrations to be paid... I really did not expect a call for an inte...

Thursday 18 December 05:36pm

karlie started new topic red back spider bite

hi, just wondering if anyone has any info on redback spider bite during pregnancy... (preggas again. 18weeks) . got bitten last week at camping, been in a bit of pain and a bit off. midwives & obs...

Wednesday 23 January 12:47pm

karlie started new topic First step in toilet training?????

Just wondering what is the first step in toilet training. my son is 21months old. Do I put these new huggies training pants on first, do I go straight to knickers, play games in bathroom... what is...

Saturday 17 March 10:29am

karlie started new topic HELP!! cot to big bed!!!!

My son has always been a great sleeper (12hrs /night from 6 weeks). but , I have moved into the big bed as he was climbing out of his cot. He has been in this bed for 4 weeks and still no improveme...

Friday 16 March 09:52am

karlie started new topic child care benefit

Hi, Just wondering... How do I claim the child care benefit.. My son has been going to family day for about 4 months.I have kept all the reciepts. Do I claim the benefit at the end of financial yea...

Friday 06 October 05:01am

karlie replied to topic Medical Advice over phone in Sydney

Hi Jodie, I don't know the number to call for the service you are after. But if i have any problems with my son I call the local hospital and ask to speak to the triage nurse. They usually point yo...

Sunday 10 September 03:54pm

karlie started new topic my son has measles!

My son had been unwell and clingy for a few days with high temps of 38.5-39. Took him to the doc and found out he had a middle ear infection, 12 hours later,he has a rash all over his body... So, b...

Friday 08 September 10:38am

karlie started new topic undoing car seat buckle!!!!

I NEED some advice. My son is 13months old. He has figured out how to undo his car seat buckle, high chair buckle and pram buckle..... It's dangerous. Last week I was driving 100km on the h'way and...

Friday 21 July 04:33pm

karlie started new topic I'm lucky to have a wonderful husband!!

Just recently, I broke my ankle in two areas .I am unable to put any weight on my foot for 6 weeks, then it's a further 2-6weeks before I'm walking properly. I have a an 8.5 month old son which is ...

Tuesday 07 March 08:05pm

karlie started new topic Not settling for grandparents!!

I'm in a pickle. I have a 7month old who is being cared for by his grandparents whilst I'm at work. I am a shift worker, but I'm only working 2 night duties a week(part time:36hrs/fnight). So, my b...

Friday 20 January 12:00pm

karlie started new topic I'm pressuring my husband!!!

I feel sooo guilty and selfish about pressuring my husband into having another child. We already have a beautiful , healthy happy 6.5month old boy. The problem is my husband is scared that if we tr...

Sunday 08 January 05:25pm

karlie started new topic first day photograghy

Just thought i'd let you all know about a great present for your bubs!! I've just come across . I've just ordered a june 20, 2005 sunrise photo for my son! They ar...

Friday 11 November 07:28pm

karlie replied to topic Breastfeed baby badly constipated on solids, help!

Hi c.c I'm no expert (i'm a first time mum to a nearly 5 month old), but I would maybe see a paediatrician in regards to your child always being constipated. Or even getting a second opinion. Sound...

Sunday 06 November 07:59pm

karlie started new topic I think I'm over feeding!!!!!

HI, I'm not sure if I'm over feeding my nearly 5 month son. He is on routine, starts from about 6.30 am and has formula every 3hrs until 6.30pm then sleeps through the night.I was giving him 200ml...

Thursday 03 November 09:04am

karlie replied to topic ICU nightmares

Hi Duck5lings, Oh, twins! I bet they keep you busy! I'm an ICU clinical nurse specialist ( adults, not children). There is definition for adults who suffer pyschological trauma from ICU. This is ca...

Friday 28 October 01:56pm

karlie replied to topic 4 month old routines.

hi, twins?? what a handfull!!!! I have 17week old son who is now bottle fed. our routine statrs at 6am. 6am: 200mls of formula then bed. 9am: 200mls of formula, play with mum/or dad for 30mins, lef...

Tuesday 18 October 09:26am

karlie started new topic Not a girl, but a BOY!!

Hi, Just wondering if anyone else has been told they were having a particular sex. Two sonographers (at different ultrasounds) told my husband and I we were having a girl!!! Well, to our lovely...

Sunday 16 October 09:58am

karlie replied to topic 4mths-how many feeds a day????

Thanks guys, Our GP told me I was feeding him too much and needed to start reducing feeds. I'll have a crack at the rice cereal in am! I'll try and stretch him out to 4hrly feeds as well. It's just...

Wednesday 12 October 06:42pm

karlie started new topic 4mths-how many feeds a day????

I have a 16week old boy and he is on routine feeds: 6am formula 200mls, 9am formula 200mls, 12pm formula 200mls, 3pm formula 200mls, 6pm formula 200mls, then bed. He has a total of 5 bottles a...

Wednesday 12 October 10:17am
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