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79tes replied to topic has anyone had growth ultrasound

i had a scan at 29 weeks 31 weeks and am having one on Monday at 36/37 weeks

Sunday 10 October 03:38am

79tes replied to topic 29weeks today with GD & big bubba

i to have GD and am having a very big baby and i have stuff all room left in my belly but the drs will not do anything sooner and will not change my due date at 29 weeks the baby was measuring 33....

Sunday 10 October 03:36am

79tes replied to topic is it safe to eat salami, kabana, wurst etc?

Nah you can only eat it if it's cooked ie on pizza

Wednesday 06 October 03:56am

79tes replied to topic Not Happy with OB

oh man i was asked if i wanted to go natural after my first and i said no (baby was way to big) and now when it came to me having number 3 they said they would book me in but now im having trouble ...

Sunday 19 September 10:48pm

79tes replied to topic 28 week GD test

I did mine at QML and you do the one hour test to start with and if that comes back high they will then do the 2 hr test. But I dis not fast or have a special diet at all.

Tuesday 07 September 01:41am

79tes replied to topic Placenta, low and front questions

i had that with my 2nd and by the time i had him it had moved so it was ok, but i was also booked for a c section

Tuesday 03 August 06:01am

79tes replied to topic Tips for sleeping when pregnant

im at 27 weeks and for the last 2 weeks i have been having so much trouble sleeping and if i lay wrong my belly hurts. but i have found if i prop myself up a bit (two pillows) i sleep a little bit ...

Tuesday 03 August 05:51am

79tes replied to topic Gestational Diabetes

i have it once again this is my 3rd pregnancy, i got tested at 16 weeks and my levels were borderline. Im now testing my levels 6 times a day and have to inject insulin at night (no big drama). Its...

Sunday 25 July 06:39am

79tes replied to topic Brushing Teeth

i found standing up strait or sitting on the loo helps for some reason as when i bend over to much i just wanna chuck its really not nice

Sunday 18 July 07:15am

79tes replied to topic Leg Cramps

is that all you eat... maganisum (spelling) helps.. i get bad leg cramps i find a few chicken crinkle cut chips help! hi yeah i was put on maganisum salts in my last pregnancy by the dr and the...

Sunday 18 July 07:12am

79tes replied to topic pain when sneezing

yeah i have it but if you bend over whne your about to sneeze it almost stops the pain. i had to get used to it as i have had 2 c sections and i had to bend over to sneeze all the time. and if you ...

Sunday 18 July 07:06am

79tes replied to topic yolk sac to baby

hi, does anyone know when the yolk sac starts to form into a baby? i had a scan but could only see the yolk sac. we were ttc and had only tried once without using condoms and the dates the scan ga...

Thursday 15 July 01:39am

79tes replied to topic Babys Heartbeat

i never got to hear it till about 22 weeks at the hospital. plus my gp would not try till i was more then 20weeks

Tuesday 13 July 07:41am

79tes replied to topic Nipple help!

try palmers coco butter nipple cream

Tuesday 13 July 07:34am

79tes replied to topic Expressing Antenatally

man i thought they were crazy at the hospital when they said to start doing it form 36 weeks. I have slight GD and they told all of us in the group to do it. I really dont know if i wanna do it but

Tuesday 13 July 03:58am

79tes replied to topic how accurate are HPTs after an hour or so

turns out it was a +ve congrats

Tuesday 13 July 03:55am

79tes replied to topic No weight gain during pregnancy

im at 23.4 week pregnat and i have lost 6kgs so far, with my first i lost 20kgs and with my 2nd i lost 15kgs no dr's ever said anything to me about it. My 1st and 2nd pregnancys i started at about ...

Thursday 08 July 06:25am

79tes replied to topic sugar in urine ?

Hi hi, i have now had 2 urine tests done in the last 2 weeks and they have both detected sugar in my urine and the doc is telling me i have GB as it shouldn't be there im not due till next week to...

Tuesday 06 July 05:28am

79tes replied to topic gestational diabetes

i went back today and they wanna see me again on thursday, the lady i seen wants to put me on insulin befor bed cause im getting high readings then. but i think its stupid as she said they are high...

Tuesday 06 July 05:23am

79tes replied to topic Strange "pop" feeling in belly when I yawn

thats funny i have been getting a feeling like the skin is streatching and it does make me jump also. ive had it on different sides of my belly over the last few weeks. My mum said to me was that a...

Monday 05 July 06:32am
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