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Arrggghhhhh replied to topic Nearly 2 year old with new sleep problem

Hi - I'm so sorry that this is happening to you. I bet you are going over so many scenarios trying to figure out what has caused this. My little monster is great going to bed, but for about 3 nig...

Friday 23 February 09:05pm

Arrggghhhhh replied to topic 10.5 month old waking up most days between 4.30 - 5.00am

Matt has been an early riser since birth. When he was little, he would feed and go back to sleep for a little while, but now, I cringe when I hear him at 4.45am! He won't play in his cot - he wan...

Thursday 12 January 07:10am

Arrggghhhhh replied to topic WHY does he do this?

Matt does whimper in his sleep, but doesn't scream. Babies do dream - maybe a nightmare? I don't know much about them, but there is mention of dreams in another thread - just not sure where to fi...

Wednesday 07 December 06:02pm

Arrggghhhhh replied to topic feeding and settling

That is exactly what Matt did!! My advice - if she is rejecting the dummy now - take it away. I kept persisting with the dummy and ended up giving myself huge problems a few months later. At th...

Saturday 03 December 07:52am

Arrggghhhhh replied to topic How much sleep?

Matt was having 3 sleeps a day, going down about 2 hours after he woke each time. Generally, the first 2 sleeps are meant to be around 1.5-2 hours and the afternoon just under an hour. We never a...

Saturday 03 December 07:38am

Arrggghhhhh started new topic Good tips for holidaying - any suggestions!

Hi everyone. In two weeks we are travelling to the coast for a holiday (YAY!!). It's the first time we will be in a unit for an extended amount of time rather than family/friends who have heaps o...

Sunday 27 November 02:21pm

Arrggghhhhh replied to topic Tampons - when can you start?

I didn't even think about it being a problem! Woops. My periods came back at 4 months and I started using them then. Have had no issues at all and I had a vaginal birth. Would like to know if t...

Sunday 27 November 12:46pm

Arrggghhhhh replied to topic Feeding has changed again!

Yep! We did the 2 hourly feeding thing. I found it amazing that they do it to build up a supply - such an innate behaviour. One of my friend's bub fed for about 2 hours between 4-6pm. I was sho...

Saturday 26 November 01:03pm

Arrggghhhhh replied to topic Why routine feed?

My bub was a snack feeder, so if I demand fed, I was feeding every 20 minutes! I had to drag his feeds out to at least 2 hourly or otherwise I would get nothing done. That way, he was more likely...

Saturday 26 November 01:00pm

Arrggghhhhh replied to topic Spinach

I give my boy spinach as well - have done since they fed it to him at the sleep clinic when he was 6 months. I just assumed since it was given by the CHN there that it must be ok. I puree it with...

Monday 21 November 03:15pm

Arrggghhhhh replied to topic 8-9 month mile stones

Bayden sounds like he is going great!! Matt is 8 months and today cut his first tooth (very excited, we have been waiting FOREVER). He can sit unaided very well (has done since 5 and half months)...

Monday 21 November 03:01pm

Arrggghhhhh replied to topic help please

My problems with my boy not drinking started around 3 months. It was very frustrating and the feeds were all over the place. He started what I call reverse cycle. He would have 2 hourly feeds al...

Sunday 20 November 05:49pm

Arrggghhhhh replied to topic HELP - Rough Slate Floors!

I don't think you are worrying too much. I feel much the same. We have timber floors and some tiles and where we live is very dusty. With a dog, the floor always seems dirty and I worry about hi...

Friday 18 November 12:00pm

Arrggghhhhh replied to topic Dream Feeding

What you are doing sounds like a great idea to me! I know what you mean about not drinking much during the day. I have had so many people say "don't worry about it, he'll drink when he's thirsty"...

Wednesday 16 November 05:13am

Arrggghhhhh replied to topic Green Veggies !

hi Kazi, Matt has been having broccoli for awhile now. I puree it with sweet potato and lamb for his dinner. Zucchini is ok, but he finds it way too bitter. He is also having peas in his night ...

Saturday 12 November 06:24pm

Arrggghhhhh replied to topic Diahorrea!!!Going INSANE!!

I feel so sorry for you. I hope she is feeling better today. My friend's 8 month old had diahorrea and she was also recommended to stop the solids. She did and her little boy coped ok and still ...

Thursday 10 November 05:16am

Arrggghhhhh replied to topic how do I clean his penis?

I think this is a little of personal choice. I was told by my pead that it is unneccessary to pull the foreskin down. Keep a watch on it to make sure it is not infected (red or inflammed) and jus...

Saturday 05 November 05:27am

Arrggghhhhh started new topic Ribena with water?

Matt (7 months) fights his bottle feeds and won't drink water. I would like him to have more fluids as it is already so hot in Townsville. I have thought about adding a little baby juice to the w...

Thursday 27 October 05:16pm

Arrggghhhhh replied to topic Not interested in vegetables

Hi Lana. Matt loved vegies until around 6 months. I now dip his meat and veg dinner in the canned pear/peach/apple mix. He loves it. This way, he is still getting the goodness of the veg with t...

Monday 24 October 05:15pm

Arrggghhhhh replied to topic Dadding gone away 4 work Bub missing him

It is so hard for them to understand what is going on. They are too young to realise that they will be back and are only away for a little while. Matt is ok with my husband being away as he has s...

Monday 24 October 05:12pm
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