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gln started new topic Main meals

My little girl is a slow starter to normal foods. She is 20months and just staring to eat what we eat, but at the very early stage. It is very difficult yo get her to eat a meal with no assistanc...

Wednesday 04 October 11:21am

gln replied to topic 17 month old still eating mashed food!

Do fear my little girl is 20 months and will only eat her dinner/veggies that are quite mashed and refuses to eat pieces of meat even as a fingewr food. I keep trying, but she flatly refuses to ea...

Saturday 23 September 12:25pm

gln started new topic Travelling on a plane

In a few weeks we are planning on going to Queensland for a week, which makes me a little nervous as we have a 20 month old with us. What should I expect, what do I take & most of all I'm concerne...

Saturday 23 September 12:18pm

gln started new topic Egg introduction

My little one has just turned one and I have started to introduce egg, but finding she doesn't want to eat much these days, so it's hard to get egg into her.I've given her yolk gor three days, but ...

Wednesday 08 February 08:52am

gln started new topic Egg in cake

My bubs is turning one next week, & I want to be able to give her birthday cake. Do you think it would be ok to give her a piece even though I haven't tried her on egg alone before. I know i can ...

Saturday 21 January 10:37am

gln started new topic Birthday Cake

My little girl is about to turn 1 year old soon and I don't know what to do about her cake. I want her to be able to have some but have been told to not give her cows milk or egg until after 12 mt...

Wednesday 21 December 02:40pm

gln started new topic Food worries

I.m at the stage now where I hate worrying about what my bubs can and shouln't have yet. She has had all the fruit and veg and meats, & we are know up to egg and cows milk but have been advised to...

Monday 21 November 01:22pm

gln started new topic Spinach

I was reading some other posts and people were saying that you shouldn't give babies spinach. Why?. I've been giving my bubs spinach since she was about 7 months. It keeps the constipation away ...

Monday 21 November 01:14pm

gln started new topic Cradle Cap

Over the last few months my bubs has developed cradle cap ..She is almost 10 months and has never had it before. What do I do?. Why has she got it And how can I get rid of it? Is it a serious pr...

Friday 18 November 10:08am

gln started new topic Egg

How have others introduced egg to their babies diet?. My bubs is almost 10 months and was wondering how to do it. Do I give her the entire egg or just start on yolk first or white. Do I mix it w...

Sunday 13 November 11:23am

gln started new topic Home made rusks

How do others make them? Is it just as simple as putting bread in the oven until bread is crisp? Please tell. Thanks

Sunday 13 November 11:21am

gln started new topic Started waking during the nigh

My 8.5 month old has started to wake 1-2 times a night fully awake ready for action!. She has always slept through or only needed a gentle pat to send her back off to slepp. Now I have to rock he...

Tuesday 11 October 04:21pm

gln started new topic Help, hates lumps!

My 8.5 month old doesn't cope with lumps at all, this includes finger foods. I've given her toast and mushy fruit, but she gags to the point of throwing up at times. My MCHN has told me "She need...

Tuesday 11 October 04:15pm

gln started new topic Food then bottle

I have been told to swap to food then bottle for my 7 month old. How long do I wait after food before giving her her bottle. To be honest I don't think she will request it as she quite likes food...

Saturday 17 September 05:41am

gln started new topic What to give at meal times?

What do I give my bubs for ther 3 meals a day. So far it's b'fast- rice cereal and fruit, lunch- puree friut or mixed veg, tea- mixed veg (&and s'times fruit). Is this a good mix or is thier some...

Friday 16 September 07:26am

gln started new topic Any food?

At what age can I start offering my 7 month old any food as a finger food to try. For example, if I'm eating a sandwhich, can I give her the bread or if we have steak can I give her a bit to chew ...

Friday 16 September 07:19am

gln replied to topic Constipated??

Just last few days my 7 month old was constipated. What I did to get her back to a softer poo was give her apricots and lots of water during the day. It worked within 24 hours. They say potato a...

Thursday 15 September 12:43pm

gln started new topic Avent magic spouts

A stupid question, do you nedd to take the plastic disc out that is attached to the actual spout?. Is this the non-spill disc for travelling or an actual part of the drinking spout?. It's just th...

Sunday 11 September 08:48am

gln started new topic Constipation?

My bubs has been on food for 2 weeks now and today her poo was firmer than usual. She didn't cry or wasn't distressed, but it seemed to take her longer to push out with a bit more strain to it, (s...

Saturday 20 August 12:34pm

gln started new topic Intro to new foods

When introducing a new food is it ok to mix it with one that is ok? For example, my bubs has had pumpkin and I want to introduce her to zucchni, can I puree it with the pumpkin? If and allergy wa...

Friday 19 August 04:54pm
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