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hchety started new topic looking for playgroup near seaford...

hi everyone, i have a 25 month son and a 5 month daughter, and i am looking for a good playgroup to take them both too, more so for my son but ofcourse daughter will be there too! just hoping to h...

Tuesday 05 December 08:26pm

hchety replied to topic Quotes and Poems

The best thing a Father can do for his children, is love their Mother.

Friday 20 October 04:12pm

hchety started new topic need help to find a thread...

hi ladies, i am after a thread that i just cannot find anywhere on huggies, and i know i originally found it here. it's similar to the poems for mums post, but there is a particular post along the ...

Thursday 12 October 07:53am

hchety replied to topic How late did you get your BFP???

hi amber, i know exactly how you feel, i had a feeling i was preg a few days after conception and still no AF, was due for her on the 28th sept, feel sick, tired, sore boobs metallic taste in mouth...

Tuesday 03 October 06:11am

hchety started new topic periods returned after only 3 weeks!!! (bugga)

hi there, i was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else? my dd was born on the 12th july and when she was 3 half weeks old my periods returned. my after-birth bleeding finished completel...

Thursday 31 August 04:35pm

hchety replied to topic Silent Reflux

hi handsomecam, i sympathise with you big time, my son, now 22mths suffered from GOR (gastro osephagael (spelling) relux) from birth. i knew something wasn't right at 2wks and suspected reflux but ...

Tuesday 29 August 06:54am

hchety replied to topic Suggestions on exercise with baby and toddler around..

try home excercise video/dvd's. there is soooo many out there now, from the traditional 'oz aerobics' to aerobic strip tease (carmen electra, this is good one) to pilates and yoga. i have just star...

Saturday 26 August 10:39am

hchety started new topic Welcome Rianan Miriam

it's abit late, but Rianan Miriam arrived safely into water on July 12th 12:50am at Flinders Birth Centre, SA. She weighed in at 3.555gm (7lb 13oz) 49cm long HC 35.5cm A beautiful labour, birth and...

Wednesday 23 August 06:45pm

hchety replied to topic I would like some help on starting a routine. How did your day go?

hi taleena, our bubs are a day apart! rianan was born on the 12/07. with my son (my first child) i tried to get the whole routine thing happening, although it didn't really happen until around 12 w...

Wednesday 16 August 06:58pm

hchety replied to topic Karicare goats milk

hi lindyloo my son was put onto karicare goats milk at 11mths of age (he was breastfed to nearly 9mths, then went onto normal formula) he also had severe refulx and was on the max dose (adults dose...

Wednesday 16 August 06:48pm

hchety replied to topic !attention! young mothers living down south in adelaide!!!

hi mummum19, i am young-ish, 22 yrs, with a 21 month old son and a 4 week old girl. i live in seaford rise, and know alot of other young mums too, 3 of which frequent on this site. we regularly mee...

Monday 14 August 11:23am

hchety started new topic really bad nappy rash...remedies??

hi, my baby girl is now 3 wks old, and nearly a week ago now developed really really bad nappy rash. she had it slightly before this but was under control and clearing up just using bepanthen, t...

Friday 04 August 07:35pm

hchety replied to topic Alone

i am so sorry to hear about your situation & everything you are dealing with at the moment. it really upset me to try to put myself in your shoes. i haven't been in your situation so cannot offer a...

Wednesday 02 August 06:37pm

hchety replied to topic hiccups

Rianan, now 20 days old, gets hiccups 2-8 times a day, usually after feeds. she is also uncomfortable during them, or appears to be atleast, just squirmy & restless, not crying, perhaps a grizzle e...

Tuesday 01 August 06:33pm

hchety replied to topic Just feel down

denae, first of all congratulations on safely bringing your baby boy into this world, i too was due in july (the 15th) and had my baby girl, Rianan on the 12th. i suffered from pnd with my first, n...

Tuesday 01 August 06:27pm

hchety started new topic essential oils to stimulate labour

hi, i am due to have my second bubs is just over a week, and have basically been in pre-labour for the last 5 days, and am getting fed up with the contractions starting up, then dying out over nigh...

Wednesday 05 July 05:51pm

hchety replied to topic anyone in or near seaford???

hi miah's mum, i live in seaford rise, with a 20mth old son and am due with our second 15th july. i am a stay at home mum but am studying part time, hubby works fulltime, but i don't have time to g...

Sunday 25 June 08:20am

hchety replied to topic SA MUMS ROLL CALL (APRIL)

hayley 22 mum to 18mth son and due #2 15th july south of adelaide huggies, ebay,, and whatever else i come across! it changes once i've exhausted them! [email protected] (msn & emai...

Monday 24 April 07:26pm

hchety replied to topic Looking for Mums, over 25, South of Adelaide

hi, i nearly fit the criteria, i'm 22 years, and do live south of adelaide, seaford rise. i'm definately keen. my email and msn is [email protected] hope 2 hear from u soon. hayley

Friday 21 April 01:06pm

hchety started new topic ways to keep 17 mth old in bed...

hi there, we have just recently moved our son into a 'big boys' bed, and so far things have been going smoothly. a week leading up to the big move we took one of the sides off his cot so he could g...

Monday 03 April 08:34pm
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