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Waiorere replied to topic Little seizures?

Thanks Janette, I will keep trying with the doctors, and I am happy your baby is getting treatment.

Wednesday 26 November 11:55am

Waiorere started new topic Little seizures?

I was just wondering if there is anyone who has similar experiences. My 3 month son has episodes of what looks like mini/petit seizures. His hands and arms raise above his head, his eyes shudder fr...

Monday 24 November 04:11pm

Waiorere replied to topic childhood ezcema

I replied to Bree's comment on eczema, and what I had to say to her was that a product called Lucas' PawPaw ointment has helped my son drastically where now I have begun using it in myself as I am ...

Monday 24 November 03:57pm

Waiorere replied to topic BAD EZCEMA

Hi Tamieka, I myself suffer from chronic eczema and have tried just about everything, and at the moment I am undertaking a strict skin and health regime entailing creams, and oral health tablets. M...

Monday 24 November 02:14pm
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