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poole started new topic SUPER NANNY

have you seen super nanny on the telly what do you think ? do you like what she does to get the children to what you wont? do you use the same at home? do you find the idear's usefully? do you...

Thursday 27 April 10:49am

poole replied to topic HELP Spiders

hi i live in nz please could you tell me what spiders are hear we have not been her long but had a bite about 6ich x 6ich on my arm it was bad i was told it was a white tail bite i have 3 young chi...

Thursday 27 April 10:37am

poole started new topic 9 ths old how much food and mild feeds in one day

hi my baby is 9 mths old and only wonts mild morning and night i dont realy now how much he should be haing at this age and how much solids he seems to wake evry 2-3 hours at night when he did slee...

Saturday 15 April 03:37pm

poole replied to topic RICE CEREAL HEINZ OR FAREX BEST

there both the same and made both by heinz look on the packing or watties there the same all the same in side just diffrent name and box putt box says made by heinz

Saturday 15 April 03:22pm

poole started new topic my kids will not play with there toys

i have 3 children one 5 one 3 1/2 there is only 16 mths between them and a 7 mth old baby the 3 and 5 year old have lots of toys and have there own rooms but all they do is run round the house jump...

Wednesday 22 February 05:29am

poole started new topic help help hekp do baby monitors give babys cancer

i have just herd from my mum in uk that baby moniter can give babys cancer mine is a digital one from BT in the uk should i stop useing it help if any one has any info on this i dont know if to tak...

Tuesday 21 February 12:53pm

poole started new topic baby moniters do they give baby cancer

just hear from my mum in the uk that baby moniters can give your baby cancer is this true should i use mine it is a digital on from BT in the uk help as i dont no weather to stop using ti and take...

Tuesday 21 February 12:50pm

poole replied to topic Running out of milk... a discussion on why!

for any mum out there that is going to give up becaues of milk drying up try this feed you bub for 3 day when ever he/she wont to when he crys feed even if it's only for 5 min's you can use a bres...

Monday 30 January 05:18am

poole started new topic WHAT IS YOU BABYS AGE AND ROUTINE.

I know most mums try and get there babys in to a routine i have been just folling my baby but now its time to get him into a routine that suits me and the rest of the family. he is 6 mths old. but ...

Friday 13 January 06:02am

poole started new topic whats the diffent's between boys and girls

i have 2 girls one 3 and the other 5 i have just had a littel boy every one keep's asking me whats it's like having a boy. I dont think there is any, he is the same as his sisters but he's a boy....

Saturday 10 December 05:54am

poole replied to topic Breastfeeding experiences

my milk is low i have had a cold bad it knocked me about a bit now its gon i dont now what to do to get my milk back up can you help

Friday 16 September 05:00am

poole started new topic HELP before i give up

i fead from one sid at a time but my milk as got low after having a cold how do i get back to normal my baby has a reflux and baby milk makes him sick he is 9 weeks old

Friday 16 September 03:52am

poole replied to topic Mini pill & Breastfeeding

i had the same prob as soon as i stated my milk went down i am having probs getting my milk back now but getting there i seem to be feading all the time and 1-2 hours just to fill him up the it sta...

Friday 16 September 02:05am

poole replied to topic Second time mother at "21"

hi i had my first at 18 years then my second at 20 in the uk we moved over to nz to find a new life and i fell pregant as we sold are house in the uk so i had my baby over hear he is now 9 weeks o...

Friday 16 September 01:51am

poole replied to topic What have I done!

hi just an idear carry her around in a sling this could help her feal more secure

Monday 29 August 04:04am

poole started new topic colic windy babys

my baby strains after evey feed but when we has passed wind down below he is fine and goes to sleep but it can be a good hour i have tryed infucol it did not work kel and baby caleb (6weeks)

Monday 29 August 03:44am
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