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Dette replied to topic HELP i need sleeeeeeeep!

Fess!!!! The nasal spray is great! If you can';t get to the chemist then just use luke warm water with a little bit of salt in it. The Fess is better because it comes with a sucker that you suck th...

Monday 27 August 10:34am

Dette replied to topic Up or Down???

Anything that will kill, make my children extrememly sick, is locked away and/or high up. Things that break - depending on how 'special' they are, are down and the kids know not to touch them. ...

Sunday 15 July 12:44pm

Dette replied to topic What do you call them

Penis and Vagina I'm a teacher and had to teach sex ed to grade 5/6 2 years ago - the first lesson was writting up lists of all the names the kids knew their body parts as - half of them had no id...

Saturday 14 July 12:30pm

Dette replied to topic Have you ever been "the other" woman?

Yes, once. My DH was originally my friend from uni's boyfriend. They were living together, but things weren't going well between them - she gave him ultimatums - "Propose by Christmas or it's over"...

Tuesday 03 July 06:25am

Dette replied to topic Advice : my step father, is refered ot as "Pa" & it makes me feel sick!!!!!

Hi Amy I haven't read all the posts, but wanted to respond. I know you don't want him to have a title at all, but it doesn't sound like you're going to get away with that! Next time he, or someb...

Saturday 30 June 07:54pm

Dette replied to topic *your advice*

We have 16 months between DS1 and DS2, DS2 and DD1, and will have 19 months between DD1 and this bubs. I love them being so close in age - but it can be hard work at times. As for your period, i'v...

Tuesday 12 June 08:52pm

Dette replied to topic occiput posterior (op) birth

yep! My first. Hurt like hell - but only with back pain. Had no drugs or stitches, no forceps etc, but did give birth on all fours! My midwife said it would be easier that way as it eases the press...

Tuesday 12 June 08:46pm

Dette replied to topic private or public

Public for the first - midwife was fantastic and i couldn't fault the hospital or staff - BUT... i had the worlds most inconsiderate room mate!! She let her baby cry all night and didn't move an in...

Tuesday 12 June 08:03pm

Dette replied to topic ladies please read this

112 also works in any country - doesn't matter where you are you don't have to remember heaps of numbers just the one. 911 in USA, 999 in UK, 000 here - it's all too confusing!

Sunday 10 June 07:40pm

Dette replied to topic BULLYING AT SCHOOL.......

I'm torn on this one because i'm a teacher and see it. Some background info - i teach gr 1/2, so primary, in a school with 700 kids. Over 90% of our students are from other countries. First - we ...

Tuesday 22 May 08:42am

Dette replied to topic What sort of parent are you?

I'm answering for all 3 in one go! Breast or bottle? bottle, bottle, bottle Cot or co-sleep? cot, cot, combo depending on how tired i was! Cloth or disposable? cloth at home, disposable when out ...

Monday 14 May 08:05pm


I'm with those of you that think it was a good thing that she left the baby at the hospital. I can't remember what the law is called, but in America they have a law in most states where you can dro...

Monday 14 May 07:50pm

Dette replied to topic Have you been induced? your story?

I was induced with my second as he was late and i had a blood clot in one of my varicous veins that they couldn't do anything about until he was born. I got the gel applied at about 8pm and was al...

Monday 14 May 07:44pm

Dette replied to topic The best mothers day pressie ever

Yep, it's a standard mothers day gift! We make it every couple of years at school (I'm a teacher. Most of the time we use empty match boxes that the kids cover in small bits of coloured paper. The ...

Monday 14 May 07:40pm

Dette replied to topic Have had a bleed. Have been told I have placenta previa

Definately take it easy - my sister had it and wasn't told how dangerous it could be. She went walking on a secluded beach with only her 5 yo daughters with her. Half an hour after returning home s...

Sunday 06 May 07:30pm


Interesting reading - and i've gotta say that i've done both - kept the kids at home and monitored them myself (on the phone to SIL who is a nurse at the same time!!) AND taken them to hospital. C...

Sunday 29 April 05:17pm

Dette replied to topic Every night there's a fight......Guaranteed!

Hi Sarah My eldest is nearly 4 and he was the same with his vegies, but he's now great! When i dish up a lot of vegies he's allowed to pick one thing he wont eat. One night it'll be peas, but the ...

Saturday 28 April 09:18pm

Dette replied to topic how to lose a dummy???? please help!!!!

We've had santa take dummies, and the easter bunny take bottles - it's always with plenty of warning and talk leading up to it, and naturally they get sometihng in return - DS2 got a lovely peter r...

Sunday 22 April 07:03pm

Dette replied to topic Now i need help with a word...please???

Thanks girls - can't remember what i used now but i finished it and it's been handed in. Thanks for your help

Saturday 14 April 08:26pm

Dette replied to topic Don't like new forum!!!

Don't like it at all! Not sure if i'll ahng around long enough to get used to it - it's driving me batty!!

Saturday 14 April 08:24pm
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