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mariech replied to topic 40+ and preggers

You could try starting your own Facebook group or look around on Facebook for a group? I'm nowhere near 40 but my aunt had her last child at 42 and one of my great aunt's had her last chi...

Thursday 07 May 10:50pm

mariech replied to topic First time pregnancy and need some advice

Hey, did speak to your doctor about the option of going through a midwife vs an obstetrician? If you have a high risk pregnancy, your doctor may recommend seeing an obstetrician rather than a midwi...

Thursday 07 May 10:36pm

mariech started new topic Breast Pads?

Hi, I am just wondering what breast pad brand worked well and was comfortable for you and how long you needed them for? Would you recommend disposables or cloth? Thanks in advance

Monday 04 May 09:09pm

mariech replied to topic EPIDURAL vs C/SECTION

Have you spoken to a midwife about your options? I have a great midwife (that gave birth to three babies over 10lbs) that I see every 2 weeks and we have spoken about the possibility of an epidural...

Friday 01 May 03:06pm

mariech started new topic Grobags?

Hi, I am expecting a winter baby and was wondering what everyone's recommendations on grobags would be? I need something to keep the baby very warm during sleep because we live in a very cold...

Friday 01 May 02:55pm

mariech started new topic Maternity Pads, Your Recommendations?

Hi, I received some maternity pad samples but I want to know what your recommendation for maternity pads would be? I also bought one pack of Kotex Maternity pads but will hold off on buying more b...

Friday 01 May 02:20pm

mariech started new topic Vitamin D - Favourite Brand?

Hi, I have slightly low vitamin D, I have spoken to both my obstetrician and midwife and will be supplementing, I am currently using Ostelin but I want to know people's recommendations for one...

Friday 01 May 02:09pm

mariech started new topic First Time Mum, Single and Co-Parenting?

Hi, I'm having my baby late June and I'm honestly very in love with my baby, however; I find myself in a position where the father and I were only in a very short term relationship. He i...

Monday 20 April 12:33pm
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